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3 Day Diet For Weight Loss

3 Day Diet For Weight Loss

Does the 3-day diet for weight loss works? Why spend a lifetime on a diet if you can lose weight fast in a few days? The three-day weight loss diet answers just that: in fact, you will only have to follow a specific eating pattern for less than half the week to reach your weight loss goal.

Find out if it really works, why, and what to eat!

What Is The 3 Day Diet?

Among the many diets that come from the world of diets, there is this “three-day diet”, also known as the Birmingham diet. As the name suggests, the weekly scheme it proposes includes:

  • 3 consecutive days in which to follow a specific diet regime;
  • 4 days “break” in which you can eat normally.

This system must then be repeated for a maximum of 3-4 weeks. In the three days, there are three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) which altogether include all three macronutrients, even if in different proportions: for example, cereals are not present, much more vegetables, fruit, and proteins.

Benefits Of The 3 Day Diet

Benefits Of The 3 Day Diet

The fact that we do not impose a rigid schedule of the week but only on three days can help to make it more sustainable: out of the tooth (the three restrictive days) off the pain.

One of the reasons why a diet fails is that it requires too much mental effort: following pre-established meals in precise quantities every day without being able to choose, in practice, is not for everyone.

In this case, however, the days off could also be useful for “letting go of the rope” and not having to check carefully how much to eat.

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To Lose Weight

First of all, not obvious, is that if it is followed without compensating in the four days off it actually makes you lose weight: focusing on creating a negative calorie balance weekly thanks to three low-calorie days lays the foundations to allow weight loss.

The problem arises when the “off” days are considered an opportunity to eat anything and in very abundant quantities “because the three days of diet have passed and you can eat whatever you want”.

To Deflate

As in any fast diet, the weight loss that occurs is mainly borne by body fluids: water, in fact, is the parameter that most influences the weight variations both on the increase and on the decrease. Thus, the three-day diet can help you deflate without the help of a detox diet.

However, it is not a result that lasts over time, given that the benefit will only be temporary if a certain diet is not consistently maintained over time.

Before Christmas

How to prevent the “damage” that holiday meals can do? Very simple: in the days before (or even after) you can keep yourself lighter and eat less, with for example this diet in order to balance.

However, it is normal to see your body weight increase after the holidays: you eat more than usual, maybe even foods richer in salt, sugars accompanied by drinking (water or otherwise) more.

A momentary situation that is resolved in a short time once you return to your usual diet.

As we saw a little earlier, in fact, that extra weight is not given by fat, but by liquids and full glycogen deposits, which in turn retain water.

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Example Of A Three Day Diet Menu

There are three meals a day with very precise quantities and foods. In addition to what is indicated, you can add salt, aromatic herbs, pepper, margarine as a seasoning; instead of sugar, use non-calorie sweeteners

First Day

  • Breakfast: half a grapefruit, 1 slice of toast with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, coffee, or tea
  • Lunch: 125 g natural tuna, 1 slice of toast, coffee, or tea
  • Dinner: 90 g of meat of your choice, 250 g carrots, 1 apple, 125 g ice cream

Second Day

  • Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of toast, coffee, or tea
  • Lunch: 250g flaked cheese, 5 salty crackers, tea or coffee
  • Dinner: 2 frankfurters, 250 g of broccoli, 125 g of carrots, half a banana, 125 g of ice cream

Third Day

  • Breakfast: 1 slice of toast, 1 boiled egg, tea, or coffee
  • Lunch: 40 g Gruyere cheese, 5 salty crackers, 1 apple, coffee, or tea
  • Dinner: 250g tuna, 250g carrots or beets, 250g cauliflower, 250g melon or kiwi, 125g ice cream

Does The 3 Day Diet Work?

The 3-day diet works and how could it not make people eat very small amounts of food? In fact, to see the number drop on the scale, eating less than what they need is an essential factor.

Thus, by offering only three meals a day, with reduced quantities and with foods that are generally not very caloric (fish, meat, vegetables in abundance) it is very likely that for most people it is a low-calorie diet, which actually causes weight loss. In fact, about 1000 kcal is expected daily.

It should not be forgotten that the week consists of seven days and not just 3: the other 4 days are also decisive for the functioning of the diet.

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In fact, if you “cancel” the caloric deficit created in the three days by eating a lot (perhaps precisely because you are hungry due to excessive restriction) in the “break” days, you will recover the lost weight without too much effort.

Furthermore, you also need to understand what your goal is, whether to lose a few pounds or to lose fat, aspects that in the short term are not synonymous: what contributes to weight loss is substantially borne by water and glycogen. In fact, a few days are not enough to lose adipose tissue, but weeks.

It is therefore clear that a fast diet can help you lose weight but not actually lose weight (less fat), especially in the long run.

If you keep this pattern for 3-4 weeks and eat normally on days off without overdoing it, is also possible to lose fat as you maintain a calorie deficit for weeks.

Even in this case, however, it is very easy to regain the lost weight if after the expected month you start eating again exactly as before.

Conclusion On The 3-Day Diet

The three-day diet is one of the many methods to lose weight as it imposes a strategy to make you stay with a negative energy balance.

For only three days you follow closely what it proposes, the other four you can eat what you want, doing any way be careful not to overdo it.

If it is a diet that you can follow without too much effort and with which you get results, it is the one for you, otherwise, there is no need to worry precisely because it is not the only way to lose weight.

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