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Alkaline Diet For Weight Loss

Alkaline Diet For Weight Loss

Does the alkaline diet for weight loss really counteract the acidity of the body and help you lose weight? Find out with this science-based article.

The list of diets also cannot miss the one that allows you to change the acidity of the body the alkaline diet was born precisely for this. There are just a few questions.

Does it help you lose weight? Does it work on everyone, from the most convinced non-frequenter of the gym and sporting activity to the most determined athlete who does bodybuilding?

Discover the mechanisms for regulating acidity and if the diet (alkaline) can really improve this parameter.

What Is The Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline diet is increasingly popular – it would seem that foods, depending on their acidity can affect the health of the body, primarily bone metabolism, causing or preventing osteoporosis, which weakens the structure of bone.

“It would seem” apart, no studies with strong scientific value have ever shown that this diet has effective benefits thanks to the control of acidity.

In fact, there are no ways through nutrition to make it vary the more or less marked acidity, as well as body temperature or blood sugar, is a mechanism regulated automatically by the body.

If in acute and physiological the body acidity undergoes a (minimal) alteration, the body is programmed to restore the optimal levels so as not to affect its functionality, since this system is highly regulated: it is difficult to get out of the physiological ranges.

This diet, however, suggests consuming alkaline (non-acidic) foods so as not to acidify the body, especially cells, urine, or blood. In reality, the condition of acidosis occurs only in pathological contexts, for example in the most advanced stages of diabetes.

How Does The Alkaline Diet Work?

IIFYM Calculation

We cannot talk about an alkaline diet without talking about pH, even if it is not the purpose of this article to explain the acid-base balance because it is really a very complex topic.

The pH is the parameter with which more or less acidity is measured a low pH corresponds to a greater acidity, while a higher pH corresponds to greater alkalinity.

An alkaline diet does NOT change the systemic pH, if not minimally; indeed, so minimally that the change is smaller than the possible measurement error. An alkaline diet simply alters the urinary pH – which is normal as this simply means that the kidney does its job.

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In healthy subjects, in fact, there are buffer systems that always have the function of re-establishing the optimal pH for the organism even very minimal changes could prove deleterious to cellular function.

Benefits And Advantages Of The Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline diet proposes to bring benefits to health, prevent serious diseases, and cure cancer. Maybe even lose weight? As for losing weight, even for the alkaline diet, the calorie deficit cannot be missed.

No deficit no lost pounds – even if it is not the motto of any diet, it is the “hidden” principle behind all the proposals for slimming strategies.

The alkalizing diet was not born as a slimming diet, but it is still possible to lose weight with this approach because the foods it includes are generally not very dense in calories and satiating as they are rich in water and dietary fiber (eg fruit and vegetables).

To be able to lose weight even with the alkaline diet it is essential that it is low-calorie in this article you will find more information about it!

Contraindications Of The Alkaline Diet

IIFYM Diet Example

The contraindication of the alkaline diet is the same as that of many other diets that eliminate certain categories of foods the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Removing certain foods from the diet can be a useful strategy on the one hand (for example to eat less when you want to lose weight), but on the other hand, it does not make you get all the nutrients like a varied and complete diet.

In this case, with essentially the exclusion of foods of animal origin, proteins with a high biological value and vitamin B12 are missing.

With a little attention, it is however possible to find an alternative to animal proteins for example by increasing the protein quota that will be obtained only from vegetables.

The real risk of the alkaline diet is the diet itself – it is proposed as a method that works to heal some pathologies (such as osteoporosis or cancer) thanks to the influence on the pH when in reality it is not so as stated previously.

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Furthermore, just as acidosis exists on a pathological level there is also its opposite alkalosis. The same principles also apply to the latter, so a diet rich in alkaline foods is not able to lead to alkalosis.

Foods Allowed To Eat On The Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet proposes the consumption of alkalizing foods such as vegetables, fruit, legumes, dried fruit. Those that have a lower pH (therefore more acidic) such as meat, fish, dairy products are excluded.

Basically, in many respects, it can be traced back to a vegetarian-type diet even if with a different underlying reason: it is a diet low in animal proteins and rich in plant sources.

Fresh Fruit
Milk And Dairy Products
Dried Fruit
Alcoholic, Carbonated Drinks

Example Of An Alkaline Diet

To better understand what you can include in your diet once you have decided to join the alkaline diet here are some examples.

The quantities are not indicated, because everyone has different needs and it would be misleading to provide the same doses for everyone.


  • Fresh fruit
  • Vegetable juice
  • A handful of dried fruit
  • Tea with honey
  • Juice

Lunch and Dinner

  • Mixed vegetable salad
  • Millet with courgettes and a side dish of raw
  • Vegetables
  • Legume soup
  • Quinoa with chickpeas and vegetables
  • Puree of potatoes and carrots

Alkaline Diet, Gym And Bodybuilding

Training can acidify the body! Having said this, it sounds alarming, but perhaps the words “lactic acid” make you calm down. Lactic acid, as the name implies and without major deductions is acid.

This substance is produced during anaerobic muscular efforts antacids that exploit glucose metabolism in the absence of oxygen.

It is clear that its presence lowers the pH, but the organism is ready thanks to its buffer systems to restore optimal conditions in a short time the lactic acid is disposed of and removed from the bloodstream!

Therefore, even in the gym, the alkaline diet cannot find its usefulness related to the restoration of acidity since the physiological processes act automatically and the foods do not contribute in any way.

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From a nutritional point of view, the alkaline diet is low in animal proteins. For those who care about their muscle mass, to increase or maintain, an adequate and complete protein intake of all amino acids is essential, especially the essential ones that derive exclusively from the diet.

It is true that animal proteins are more complete and with a better amino acid spectrum than vegetable ones, but it is equally true that with a varied diet and with a greater share of proteins (always vegetable) in one’s diet, they make up for this lack.

Alkaline Diet And Osteoporosis

It goes without saying that diet plays an important role in all aspects of an individual’s life, and bone metabolism is no exception.

Unfortunately, it is always easier to come across information that is not quite correct, more or less everywhere.

Also, consider that in the fitness and nutrition environment the “marketing” component is rather pervasive and not always derived from good quality scientific evidence.

Does a high-protein diet “cure” osteoporosis? In reality, although there are epidemiological studies that would identify a certain positive correlation between bone mass and protein intake, this aspect must be contextualized.

Primary osteoporosis is a disease that tends to affect the elderly. This population is exposed, for example, to a high risk of sarcopenia and malnutrition.

A diet with a good protein content is a protective factor against this problem and also tends to be accompanied by a decent calorie intake.

Preventing sarcopenia allows you to maintain the best levels of musculoskeletal function which in turn are protective of the bone, as well as an adequate caloric intake.

It goes without saying that the cause-effect relationship is not as automatic as it often happens in medicine.

Conclusions On The Alkaline Diet

In conclusion, following the alkaline diet is not bad for your health and can be compared to a vegetarian diet, provided that attention is paid to both the quantity and quality of the foods chosen so as not to encounter any deficiencies.

The important thing, if you choose to follow it, is to be aware that it has no influence on modifying the acidity of the organism or on preventing pathologies.

The body is always kept (unless of pathology) in the optimal range to function, including pH values.

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