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How Do You Become The Best Fitness Trainer?

How Do You Become The Best Fitness Trainer

How do you become the best fitness trainer? Are you already a fitness trainer and now want to get to the next level?

Whether you work in a gym or are self-employed, you need to stand out from the crowd – we’ll show you how!

The First Impression

There is no second chance for him! In the first few seconds, your potential customer decides whether he likes you. Therefore, absolutely: Smile, smile, and smile again!

Incidentally, this also applies to conversations on the phone, because the other person can tell when you are laughing and immediately feel better.

You have every reason to put on a friendly face. Why? You are a fitness trainer and help people to get fitter and healthier every day.

Be proud of what you do and what you achieve and infect others with your motivation, because: “Only those who are on fire can cheer on others!”

What is your training goal?

The Needs Analysis

I want to train you I want to help you get a six-pack. Me, me, me… It’s all about your customer’s needs!

Therefore, use mostly you-sentences and keep repeating his/her name – it is the most important word in your vocabulary.

Be a good listener and show genuine interest in the other person. Is it really just about having a flat stomach or are his motivations much deeper?

Recognize The Benefit

The best training plan is ineffective if your client has not understood the meaning behind it.

Go through the individual exercises with him and explain not only how to do it, but also why you chose this exercise especially for him.

A woman who wants to get firm buttocks is otherwise surprised that triceps training is on the agenda today.

A beginner should therefore be aware of which muscle he is currently training in order to have a good muscle-mind connection and stay disciplined.

But be careful: Pass your knowledge on to the customer, but don’t overwhelm him!

If you throw technical terms around, your ego will be happy, but not your counterpart, whom you should meet at eye level – be emphatic!

Muscles favor your fat burning – the more muscle mass you have, the greater your basal metabolic rate.

Magic Moment

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you have to do something that no one else is doing. A friendly “Hello” and remembering the name is not enough.

Come up with something that the customer didn’t expect – be creative! This can be a birthday card you wrote yourself or a protein bar after training.

This way you will be remembered positively and will definitely be a topic in the next conversation with your buddy. Who doesn’t like to be surprised?

An Unpleasant Topic

You greeted the customer in a friendly manner, listened to them, and were thus able to determine their individual needs.

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You create a suitable training plan for him – which of course you go through with him step by step.

And because you know that training alone is not enough, you also work out a nutrition plan for him. Now we come to the question of price.

It is clear that you cannot offer your services for free. Don’t be ashamed to talk about it or justify your numbers.

If you show high quality, you can ask a lot for it – especially if you can show the appropriate licenses.

Keep Your Customers Happy For The Long Term

A satisfied customer tells about 3 acquaintances about you, while a dissatisfied customer complains about you to an average of 10 acquaintances.

This makes it clear how important word of mouth and recommendations are and that the satisfaction of your customers is crucial to your success as a trainer.

Profound specialist knowledge is required for a fitness trainer. You should constantly improve and expand this.

For example, read through studies to be up to date and exchange ideas with other experienced fitness trainers.

To really make sure your customer is happy, it’s best to ask them yourself!

Feedback, both positive and negative, is the best way to improve or build on your strengths.


Now honestly you want to get ahead in life and finally achieve your next goals? We support you! Here you can find all information about fitness trainer certifications.

If you’re already a trainer but want to gain further qualifications to become the absolute best trainer for your clients, the personal trainer course might be right for you.

Because in it you not only learn a lot of new exercises, movement, posture analysis, and many other sporting aspects, but also everything important about soft skills.

How should a good trainer come across, how do you use your body language correctly when working with clients and how do you properly motivate your clients to achieve their goals?

Find out and educate yourself so you can become the best fitness trainer!

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