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The Best TRX Exercises For Beginners

The Best TRX Exercises For Beginners

What are the best TRX exercises for a beginner? Keeping fit and training your body is one of the fundamental principles behind a healthy and balanced life.

However, not everyone has the time to devote to a sport or to train in the gym.

For this reason, a large majority of sportspeople prefer workouts that can be performed in the comfort of their own home.

Pilates and Yoga are just two of the many alternatives of physical activities that can be carried out in your living room, but for those who want to undergo a heavier challenge, the exercises with TRX are the decisive choice to undertake.

What Are The Exercises With TRX?

The term TRX ( Total Resistance Exercise ) is used to indicate a type of bodyweight training that is based on the use of one’s own weight and uses the force of gravity as resistance to being overcome.

The exercises with TRX aim to improve certain physical characteristics such as strength, endurance, and flexibility through more “natural” and less mechanical movements than those performed with the machines that we find in all gyms.

The real difference between weight training and bodyweight training with the TRX lies precisely in the method by which you build your strength.

If in the first case you have to be able to lift, push or pull dumbbells or barbells in the case of the TRX you will need to be able to lift, push and pull your own body weight.

In this way, you will be able to perform hundreds of exercises with just one tool that you can use wherever you want.

The convenience of exercises with TRX lies precisely in being able to train in any place and at any time: at home, in a hotel, in a park. All you will need is a branch or port to attach the TRX system to.

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How To Do The Exercises With TRX?

Even the exercises with TRX require some practice and familiarity with the TRX system to be carried out correctly.

For this reason, we decided to make a very short list of tips dedicated to newbies in this branch of fitness.

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Try, fail, try again and learn from your mistakes. Don’t be discouraged at the first failures with the TRX. In the beginning, it will be normal to feel disoriented in the execution of exercises in which you are skilled, it is normal! Get familiar with the TRX system and you will see that you will become one with it in no time at all.
  • Focus on execution. Just like in the case of weight training, the first step is to master and perfect the right movement. Performing an exercise incorrectly or in poor shape may not bring you any results and may even cause injuries and joint pain.
  • Don’t rush. While you may be an incredible sportsman, remember that you are just getting started with the TRX. Take some time to train your fundamentals and absolutely avoid trying complicated exercises that require experience. Nobody is chasing you, so go slow!

What Exercises To Perform With The TRX System?

After making a brief introduction to the world of TRX, it’s finally time to talk about the best exercises to perform for the different parts of the body. Let’s begin!

TRX Mountain Climber

TRX Mountain Climber

Although the mountain climber exercise is often performed without the use of tools, with the TRX you will be able to train your core more.

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To perform the exercise, we recommend placing one foot at a time inside the TRX strap. Once both feet are locked and suspended from the ground, position yourself in the push-up pose with your arms straight.

At this point, bring one knee at a time towards your chest, extending the other in a rhythmic and alternating manner.

We recommend that you always check the movement and keep your arms straight to avoid losing the correct position of the back.

TRX Low Row

TRX Low Row

Those who train free bodies without the aid of any equipment often leave out traction exercises useful for training the large muscles of the back.

Among the various exercises that can be performed with the TRX, one of the most effective for training the back of the torso is that of the Low Row.

To do this correctly, hold the handles with your palms facing each other. Then, lie back with your whole body back, keeping your weight on your heels, which must be well-aimed at the ground.

Contract your core to form a straight line that starts at the head and ends at the heels.

Contract your shoulder blades trying to make them “kiss”, as if you were grabbing something with them, and pull back with your fists trying to contract the lats.

In case the effort is too high, we advise you to position your feet further back to decrease the angle formed by the body and the floor.

TRX Thoracic Press

TRX Thoracic Press

We certainly cannot neglect the exercises aimed at strengthening the pectorals.

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The chest press performed with the TRX system will not only effectively train this muscle group but will help you improve your performance of a normal push-up.

The execution of this exercise is in fact very similar to that of push-ups.

Grab the handles, keep your head forward and place your hands at chest height with your arms outstretched. The feet should be placed shoulder-width apart.

Always keep the whole core contracted during the entire execution of the exercise and never bend the wrists, which must always be rigid and straight.

When you lean forward with your body, never cross the line of punches with your chest! Push your fists forward while maintaining the correct posture until your arms are fully straight.

TRX Curl Single-Arm Biceps

TRX Curl Single-arm biceps

What guy doesn’t want to have nice, big, muscular arms, while what woman doesn’t want to have toned and lean ones?

To achieve this, the Bicep Curl done with the TRX will be perfect. Just think that you are not lifting a single weight, but a large part of your body weight.

Position yourself on the side of the TRX with your legs extended side by side and holding both handles of the TRX system in one hand.

Now always keeping the body in a straight line thanks to the contraction of the core, legs, and buttocks, unbalanced on the side opposite the arm in tension.

Contract your bicep and pull your fist towards you without ever letting go of your wrist.

I recommend that you keep your elbow at about shoulder height so that it forms an angle of almost 90 °.

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