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Career As A Fitness Trainer

Career As A Fitness Trainer

What are the requirements for a career as a fitness trainer?

Fitness is a very broad term with many facets. But one thing is clear: more and more people are interested in it.

This is also shown by the developments of the last few years. At the same time, this also increases interest in a career in the fitness industry. The job of a fitness trainer is the starting point.

If this appeals to you, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

How to become a fitness trainer? What should you be able to do and what career opportunities are there in the fitness industry?

What is a fitness trainer?

The profile of requirements for the fitness trainer can best be defined if you first understand the implications.

Because athletic training to improve fitness includes many aspects of the important and complex topic of health. To do this, we first look at the possible goals of a trainer’s customers:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Muscle building
  • Health prevention
  • Improving health or well-being
  • Increased performance in endurance, strength, or mobility
  • Sport-specific or cross-sport performance improvement

A good fitness trainer should be able to cope with these diverse goals. For many people, the focus is mostly on individual and very personal ambitions.

Some people want to lose their excess fat in order to finally feel good about their body again.

However, it may also turn out that a health aspect for prevention or rehabilitation after injuries is in the foreground.

Performance-oriented endeavors are also possible – but these are all goals that accompany different people in their lives and have a very large influence on their body, their health, and their well-being.

Conversely, this means that the fitness trainer assumes enormous responsibility.

He works together with the customers to achieve their personal goals and can thus change their lives for the better.

You should be aware of this scope because this is also one of the aspects that will motivate you every day to work on yourself and your service and to optimize it.

If you put your heart and soul into it, you will achieve great things and have a lot of fun and success in your work.

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Field Of Activity Of A Fitness Trainer

You have already got to know the tasks of the fitness trainer as very diverse. Basically, as a trainer, you try to ensure that your customers stay or become fit and healthy.

The exact area of ​​activity depends above all on your own positioning and the workplace.

Where Can You Work As A Fitness Trainer?

For fitness trainers, there are many different options for where and how you mentor your clients.

You probably think of a classic gym first, but there are many other areas in which you can work as a trainer:

  • General or specific gyms
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Health centers
  • Wellness areas
  • Sports clubs
  • Online coaching
  • Team sport
  • And much more

But don’t let that influence you too much: in the end, all doors are open, to begin with.

Whether personal trainer or studio owner – the path usually begins as a fitness trainer, but you decide for yourself where the journey will go.

With further training as a fitness trainer, you can also lead entire courses in addition to classic 1:1 training units.

What Are The Requirements For A Fitness Trainer?

Due to the diverse tasks the wide scope of the services and the possible fields of work there are some qualities that a good fitness trainer should have.

The Necessary Expertise

The basis for every fitness trainer should be comprehensive and well-founded professional training.

The specialist knowledge primarily includes a good understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

All the basics of training and nutrition, which are essential as a fitness trainer, are based on this.

As a trainer, you also need the knowledge to create individual training plans and to control training.

The Right Personality

A good fitness trainer should be able to inspire his customers, always be friendly and motivate his clients – whether as a trainer on the floor or as a personal trainer.

Especially on an independent basis, sympathy is a major aspect of long-term customer loyalty and positive recommendations via word of mouth.

In addition to the activity of planning and implementing training, as a trainer, you are also very often mental support for the clients.

Intensive discussions about the emotional needs of customers are not uncommon.

This ensures a personal bond between client and trainer, which can also be used sensibly in the training process.

Thus, empathy and friendliness are two important characteristics of a good trainer.

The Willingness To Learn

A good fitness trainer benefits from flexibility and a willingness to learn.

Flexible in terms of taking into account the chosen field of activity and the person to be trained. These can be very different depending on the positioning.

The individual needs must then be flexibly linked to the theoretical knowledge in order to be able to develop a meaningful, practical concept for implementation.

In addition, the willingness to learn provides the basis for lifelong learning and gaining experience.

The latter in particular will greatly simplify everyday work in the long term since many problems can be solved more easily and quickly thanks to the experience gained.

You can not only learn from your own experiences, but also from those of already successful experts.

Technical Expert Status Achieved - What Comes Next?

After basic technical training and the first steps on the fitness market, you can set your goals higher and specialize.

There are various career paths available to you so that you can write your own personal success stories in addition to working as a trainer in the gym.

1. Career as a Personal Trainer

You will gain a great deal of experience working with your clients. Success stories and satisfied customers are your goals because this is how you can successfully advance your business.

But even if the goal is clear the path sounds simple in theory and the basics have been understood: the implementation is not that easy.

On the way to becoming a successful personal trainer, many obstacles will be put in your way – it can be helpful to learn from experts who have already made mistakes and valuable experiences.

2. Career As A Studio Owner

The dream of many avid strength athletes is to open their own gym. It doesn’t have to be a dream!

If you have a clear vision, can cover the financial aspects, and based on that you think about a good business plan and a concept, your challenge can already begin.

If you were able to enjoy the basic training to become a technical expert yourself, it will be easier for you to find employed trainers later on. Because then you know what to look out for.

In addition to the right location and a well-thought-out concept, the realization of your business idea is particularly important.

Figure out what you can do better than everyone else and build your gym around that.

If you succeed, you only need a suitable strategy from a marketing point of view to attract new members and sooner or later your dream will come true.


Turn your hobby into a job – the fitness market makes it possible for you. With the right education, the right character traits, and the willingness to learn from experts to become successful yourself, you can help many people achieve their personal and athletic goals.

The positive feedback and daily success stories ensure that you go to the gym with full motivation – whether as a floor trainer, freelance personal trainer, or studio owner.

You can find out more about becoming an ACE fitness trainer here.

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