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Chest Exercises For Women

Chest Exercises for Women

How to improve and tone the breasts with these chest exercises for women? It is clear that not everyone can afford or want to have breast firming surgery so many focus on chest exercises.

You might even think about overdoing it with push-ups at the gym (or at home) with the hope of improving the size of your breasts with exercises to tone and firm, but is this actually possible?

Let’s try to clarify the ideas on this aspect of women’s training and on the world of “women and weights”.

Effective Exercises For Chest

So far it has been understood that working on the pectorals will not lead to an increase in the breasts but can on the contrary worsen the situation from an aesthetic and structural point of view.

This is because in many cases the breasts may appear not very toned or in any case sagging not so much for a structural support problem as for a postural one.

In today’s life everything is “forward”: writing, cooking, driving, working on the PC. This does nothing but predisposes to the closure of the shoulders and to the assumption of a kyphotic attitude, especially if the person in question does not remain active or if he trains incorrectly.

There are cases in which paradoxically to improve the appearance of one’s breasts it is not necessary to focus above all on the pectoral, but on posture in general.

Correcting the interposition of the shoulders, strengthening the muscle tone of the lats, and lengthening the pectoral muscles, which are often shortened, allows you to naturally open the chest.

This means that before throwing yourself headlong into push-ups and bench press it would be ideal to do a postural assessment in order to understand how to train logically.

It’s important to know which muscles are to be strengthened or stretched more than others to return to having a good posture and therefore a “proud chest”.

The Best Chest Exercises For Women

After all these premises we finally got to the important part: the exercises.

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I would like to remind you briefly that the pectoralis major is made up of three portions and its functions are those of flexion, adduction, and internal rotation of the humerus.

The sternocostal part also intervenes in the extension movement. In other words, the pectorals allow us to push forward or up, to climb, to close the arms forward, or to bring them closer to the trunk if I start from a position with open arms.

This means that even during traction if our attitude is correct, there is an involvement of the great pectoral.

The exercises that therefore allow a good involvement of the bib are:

  • Incline and flat bench presses
  • Push-ups and burpees
  • Chest Press or Pectoral Machine
  • Crosses on a flat and inclined bench

It is clear that to have an improvement in terms of tone and strength it is necessary that the load you choose to use is stimulating otherwise you will not get benefits or you will not have improvements.

Compatibly with your training experience and your fitness level, it is advisable to prefer basic exercises (bench presses or dips) and then complete with accessory exercises.

As for reps and sets, this depends on your goal. If you want to work more on strength prefer a low volume and an intense load (> 85% of 1RM) with high recovery (> 180 ”).

If you want to work more on hypertrophy it is advisable to use a medium-high volume, a medium intensity load (70-85% 1RM), and a recovery of 60-90 ”.

Remember that to improve posture and therefore the appearance of the breast it is also important to work on the lats and on the balance of strength and lengthening of the various muscles of the trunk.

Bodyweight Chest Exercises At Home for Women

The exercises listed above can be done in the gym thanks to the presence of tools and weights, but if you are at home, how can you train?

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Unfortunately, if you don’t have weights available it is clear that the number of exercises you can do is limited, but you can still play on the variations.

Surely the main exercise you can do bodyweight is the push-ups. There are many variations, and this allows you to progressively overload and changes working angles without the use of tools or machines.

Depending on your fitness level you can change the distance between your hands or feet. To simplify the exercise you can rest your knees on the ground or place your hands on a rise.

To make it more difficult you can place your feet on a stable or unstable rise. Always free body you can do burpees and its variations or dip.

For example, dips can be done with your legs bent if your fitness level is basic, or you can stretch your legs or rest them straight on a riser if you have an intermediate or advanced level.

How is the Breast Formed?

I know the question seems strange and trivial, but to understand what is best to do to firm the breasts you need to understand what it is and how it is formed.

The breast is made up of fatty tissue and milk glands and is supported by the pectoralis major muscle. It is formed by a variable number of glandular structures (the lobes) ranging from 7 to 10.

In the lobes, the structure is divided into lobules and then acini, within which the synthesis of milk from the blood takes place.

The adipose tissue that forms the breast has a protective function, and it is this that determines its size.

Based on this anatomical description it is clear that pectoral training will not lead to breast augmentation.

One thing that training can do, however, is to improve the muscle tone of the pectoral and the structural support function of the breast.

To better understand this concept try to think about bodybuilding athletes. It cannot be said that these athletes do not train much yet their breasts become empty and they often resort to cosmetic surgery to remedy this side effect.

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Why do breasts empty rather than increase despite intense training? The answer is simple, and it depends more on a nutritional aspect than on training.

These athletes, especially in the pre-competition phases, greatly reduce the percentage of body fat.

This results in a reduction of the breast which, as already mentioned is mainly made up of adipose tissue.

However, this side effect of weight loss is found in any woman, precisely because the loss of fat is a physiological process that affects the body as a whole, and cannot be divided into sectors.

Exercises For Chest And Breast Cancer

Unfortunately, there are cases in which, due to a malignant tumor the woman undergoes surgery which determines the removal of the breast and, in some cases, also of the pectorals.

It is clear that in these delicate cases it is the doctor who must initiate the resumption of post-surgery physical activity, but certainly, the weights or exercises that weigh on the structures involved in the intervention should certainly be avoided in the first period.

As a first objective, it would be ideal to focus more on the recovery of the mobility of the limb undergoing treatment and only after the strengthening of the muscles of the upper limbs.


If you want to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast it is not necessary to exhaust the pectoral with infinite series of exercises because the shape and size of the breast depends on the adipose tissue that constitutes it.

However, enhancing the tone and strength of the trunk can only bring benefits from a postural point of view and increase strength and support.

Not to mention that even training the lacking arms with specific exercises for the arms and shoulders gives a more harmonious overall appearance of the figure.

Consequently, an improvement in posture changes the aesthetic appearance of the chest for the better.

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