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Circuit Training and Weight Loss

Circuit Training and Weight Loss

Is circuit training suitable for those who want to lose weight? It seems so. This workout is considered one of the best fat burners for those who want to lose weight and tone up at the same time.

A workout devoted to the loss of excess fat through tireless work of consecutive exercises, without recovery phases: you will only have a few seconds to catch your breath, after which, you will immediately return to burning excess fat!

Lose Weight Quickly with Circuit Training

The short times are both those that are expected to lose weight with circuit training and those that you will have to respect during the exercises. One after the other, they take place at the medium-low intensity with a maximum heart rate of 40-60%, allowing the body to remain in an aerobic system, using fat as energy for circuit training work.

Whether you work free-body or with weights (barbells, dumbbells, machines), or with cardio-fitness machines (steps, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.), ultimately rhythm is the key to losing weight with the circuit training.

The training paths are varied and involve the various stations with repetitions execution methods, which will be calibrated together with the personal trainer, in order not to exceed loads or with unbalanced series in the lower or upper part of the body.

A Total Body Circuit Training work is recommended, with combinations that can be different depending on the needs and the “liking” for some exercises, which we may like best.

If the goal is to lose weight, in fact, in the choice of the Circuit Training it will not have priority how and how much to put mass … rather constant work will be indispensable.

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How to Lose Weight with Circuit Training

By tackling a circuit the expenditure of calories and energy is high, and the substantial motivation is given by the fact that aerobic training is the basis of the exercise modalities in the circuit.

In addition, toning action takes place which increases the chances of weight loss, beyond aerobic activity.

To lose weight while maintaining health, it is essential to exercise balanced physical activity with a diet free of excessive fats or sugars. And the Circuit Training allows a workout that can lead to excellent results, consistently following the instructions of the trainer, and an adequate diet. Furthermore, the choice of exercises must be made based on your morphology to improve toning in the right points, lose weight with circuit training in a harmonious way.

The percentage of body fat will decrease, while the anaerobic threshold and cardiac output will increase (an important cardio work can also be done to regulate blood pressure).

How Weight Loss Works During Training

Circuits Training is a type of training capable of activating the anaerobic lactation system, which is a mechanism that is triggered in our body when a physical activity requires the combustion of muscle glycogen, in the absence of oxygen.

What does this mean for our body? Muscles use carbohydrates in the form of glucose but also fat as a source of energy. The different glucose molecules can join together, forming a chain called glycogen, which will be used by our body to store it as its main source of energy.

When glycogen is found in the muscles, it takes the name of muscle glycogen, which as a rule is contained in about 500 grams of weight, or 2000 calories. It is thought that the “perfect” machine of our body can run about 30 kilometers of running with this quantity if we are about 70 kilograms heavy (we immediately think of a slender athlete, therefore).

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Muscle glycogen, therefore, is the first source of energy during physical activity, in which the muscles draw on glycogen, piece by piece of the chain until stocks are reduced to a minimum and, therefore, requiring new food to replenish them.

As a rule, carbohydrates with a high glycemic index are used to replenish stocks, while assuming only fats the glycogen cannot reactivate, since fats cannot be transformed into carbohydrates. With proteins, however, it is possible for the body to transform them into carbohydrates and, therefore, into energy but slowly.

This preamble is essential to understand that the mechanism of the anaerobic system is activated after a few minutes of intense muscle activity, thanks to Circuit Training, and the very short pauses in the execution of resistance exercises immediately favor the entry into force of the aerobic system ( which burns in the presence of oxygen and can attack fats).

After about 1 minute, muscle glycogen begins to burn for at least another 3 minutes, activating a double track of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. The heart rate required for aerobic work is 60-70% of the maximum heart rate and it is important that the trainer indicates the best exercises to develop a resistance to anaerobic lactacid (lactic acid) work, despite the fact that the Circuit Training develops both mechanisms.

For those curious about the expenditure of calories, this will be remarkable in the Circuit Trainer: it promotes weight loss thanks to the hourly consumption of about 500 calories for men and over 360 calories for women.

Fat Burning Exercises for Weight Loss

You can perform several bodyweight exercises or with gym machines, in combination. Eg:

  • push-ups + squats + pull-ups + abdominals (circuit training to be repeated at least 3 times with variable repetitions and recoveries of about 20 seconds)
  • squat + abductor machine + leg extensions + lower abdominals + lunges + abductor machine (circuit training to be repeated at least 3 times with variable repetitions and recoveries of about 20 seconds)
  • shoulder press + chest press + push-ups + side raises + cable extensions (circuit training to be repeated at least 3 times with variable repetitions and recoveries of about 20 seconds)
  • free squat + crunch machine + dumbbell presses + slow forward with dumbbells + dumbbell extensions + 3-minute exercise bike (circuit training to be repeated at least 3 times with variable repetitions and recoveries of about 20 seconds).
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You can choose traditional circuit workouts, which work more on strength with 6-8 repetitions per station, or with the combination of strength, speed and power. In this case, the repetitions will be at least 10 per station and the duration of the execution of the exercises will be spread over about 30 seconds.

There are also resistant but short-term strength training sessions, with 20 repetitions per station, and medium-duration ones, with at least 30-50 repetitions.

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