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Exercises For Your Workout At Home

Exercises For Your Workout At Home

Exercises for your Workout at Home to stay in shape and achieve your fitness goals.

Most of us since the pandemic started are probably sitting comfortably on the couch most of the time, watching Netflix, and could really use a home workout right now 😉

Be honest with yourself: How long have you been pausing? Isn’t it time to pick yourself up and start training again?

In this article, you will find out how you can train at home without having to resort to equipment or training material, and which fitness exercises are easiest to carry out at home. Put together your own home workout and let’s go!

Your Individual Workout At Home

Before you start your home workout, you should be clear about what the primary goal of your training should be.

Do you want to reduce your body fat, build or define muscle, improve your condition or just stay “fit and healthy”?

Depending on the training goal, there are various training methods that can provide you with optimal support.

Be sure to set realistic goals for your training beforehand! Studies have shown that people who write down their goals increase their chances of success up to 76%.

Accessories And Gadgets For Your Home Workout

As a rule, many of you probably don’t have an equipped gym in your own basement. Training accessories such as barbells, kettlebells, or sling trainers are also very few in the apartment.

But before you fully equip yourself, start your home workout without special training accessories.

All you need is a mat to protect your joints from too much pressure and, if necessary, a mirror to check your own exercise execution.

If you can’t imagine a workout without accessories, get creative. Some fitness studios are accommodating and lend kettlebells or barbells, among other things, for a deposit or a rental fee.

You can also replace some of the accessories with household items. Water bottles are the ideal replacement for dumbbells, towels can replace fitness bands, a stable chair is ideal for dips and Bulgarian split squats and the hoarded toilet paper acts as a fitness cone.

We have put together the best tools for your home workout in our article on home workout equipment.

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Home Workout Exercises

Which exercises are best for your home workout?

If you like to get your workout over with quickly, you can do an effective Tabata workout, for example.


Ever heard of it? If so, a cold sweat should be running down your forehead just reading it.

They strain your entire body and get your cardiovascular system going.

Perform 3 sets of at least 10 repetitions and keep the breaks under 30 seconds.

Push-ups / Planks

In addition to the chest, these also train the shoulders and triceps. Reach wide at first to focus on your chest.

On the later sets, you can tighten your grip to work more of your triceps.

You are welcome to place your legs on a bench, curb, etc. to make the exercise more difficult.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Sounds dangerous, it is! These are lunges in place. Place one leg behind you on a rise. This should help as little as possible.

The focus is on the other leg, which you place at a 90-degree angle in front of you.

With your back as straight as possible, lower your upper body as far as there is tension on your buttocks and thighs.

This exercise not only trains the entire leg muscles but also your balance. Best of all, we have 2 legs. Do at least 10 reps per side.

Romanian Deadlift

Benefits Of Romanian Deadlifts

A basic exercise that trains almost the entire back of your body. In the Romanian deadlift, the legs don’t bend too much in the lowest position because the weight isn’t resting on the floor.

The focus of this exercise is primarily on the hamstrings and glutes. Stand hip-width apart and grasp a moderate to a heavy object, the equivalent of a barbell.

A backpack, a water box, or something similar is ideal. If you don’t have one at hand, you can also do this exercise on one side and work on your balance at the same time.

How to Do a Bulgarian Split Squat

Now you straighten yourself up again, but don’t try to work primarily from your back – instead, the power comes from the back of your legs and your buttocks:

You actively push your hips forward in order to finally straighten yourself up completely again.

Make sure that your arms only hold the object, but do not exert any force themselves. The shoulders hang down, the chest is proud and the stomach is always tense.

One Arm Rowing

Take a full water bottle and support yourself with one hand somewhere so that your upper body forms a 90-degree angle with your thigh.

Now pull the bottle towards your chest and bring your elbow just behind your back. With one-armed rows, you can achieve a greater range of motion and your back is “flat” faster!


Sit in front of a chair and then lean on it. Your upper and lower arms should be at right angles to each other.

Push yourself up with the strength of your triceps, then slowly lower yourself back down.

You can increase the level of difficulty by resting your feet on a ledge or crossing one leg over the other.

Situps / V-ups / Crunches

These are available in innumerable variants. Always make sure that your stomach is tense and that you only carry out the exercise with its strength.

Avoid arching your back to relieve your lower back. Breathe in on the negative and breathe out on the contraction.

Lateral Abdominal Muscles

To use this as well first, get into the push-up position. Tighten your stomach and keep your back straight. Now pull your left knee towards your right elbow.

Do the reps slowly and feel your side muscles work. Again, feel free to put your feet up on a ledge to raise the level.

Mobility / Fascia Training

Workout For At Home: Training Plan

Whether you complete a full-body training plan or target individual muscle groups is up to you.

Your home workout doesn’t have to last 2 hours either… but you should power through for at least 20 minutes! We have put together some short training plans for your workout at home.

Depending on your training experience and fitness level, you can of course vary the number of executions and sets:

Chest Workout At Home

Negative push up
3x 10-20 reps
Push-up or press-up
3x 10-20 reps
Knee push up
3x 10-20 reps
3x 10-20 reps
Svend Press
3x 30-60 seconds

Abdominal Exercises At Home

Low Plank
3x 30-60 seconds
3x 10-20 reps
Russian Twist
3x 10-20 reps
3x 10-20 reps
Mountain Climbers
3x 10-20 reps

Back Workout At Home

3x 30-60 seconds
Low or High Plank
3x 30-60 seconds
Bridge or Hip Raise
3x 10-20 reps
Quadruped Limb Raises
3x 10-20 reps
Push Up
3x 10-20 reps

Shoulder Exercises At Home

Push-Up or Press-Up
3x 10-20 reps
Scapular Push Up
3x 10-20 reps
Plank Walk Up
3x 10-20 reps
3x 10-20 reps
Arnold Dips
3x 10-20 reps

Leg Workout At Home

3x 10-20 reps
3x 10-20 reps
Pistols or Single Leg Squats
3x 10-20 reps
3x 10-20 reps
Wall Sit
3x 30-60 seconds

Anyone who wants can do it! Get creative and put together your very own training plan for your needs.

In this way, you not only achieve your fitness goals but also come out of the current situation stronger.

You have never been so flexible in your training times and you have never been able to shower so undisturbed afterward!

What are your favorite exercises for your home workout? Tell us in the comments!😉

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