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Exercises To Lose Weight In The Gym

Exercises To Lose Weight In The Gym

By choosing courses for personal trainers, one must also approach the nutritional and aesthetic aspects, since the requests of users are always very aimed at improving physical fitness, losing weight, and obtaining aesthetic results in a short time.
If a good trainer knows that miracles are not done (lose weight in 3 weeks with just a little training), he is certainly able to create a gym training card dedicated to weight loss through effective training.

Exercises To Lose Weight

Following a weight loss gym card can have a strong slimming effect if it is carried out consistently and prepared with criteria.
Creating a fat-burning training program means choosing a type of training aimed at slimming through aerobic work, capable of oxidizing fat mass. At the same time, however, it must be taken into account that one must not only carry out the aerobic activity and follow a restricted diet. Why?

Due to the fact that in such a working context, the metabolism will tend to adapt to an optimal situation for survival (which derives from the Paleolithic) but is not optimal for physical fitness.
In this case, in fact, eating little and training in an aerobic way will lead the body to reduce muscle mass, yes precisely the muscles, eliminating all the fibers that it does not use and that are perceived as superfluous weight, such as to consume energy and oxygen unnecessarily.

So, the muscles will also go away along with the fat… and that’s not good. For this reason, it is good to prepare a slimming training work through a slimming gym card that is, instead, able to preserve lean muscle mass.

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Workouts To Lose Weight

The weight training program can pay off in maintaining muscle and losing weight at the same time. Fat-burning fitness combines aerobic and anaerobic activities, through training circuits designed by the personal trainer in a personalized way.

In any case, for the weekly training, some examples of gym cards according to weight loss can be provided, thinking of a circuit training both for general activities and for work details (exercises, series, and repetitions).

For example, an ideal slimming gym card could be the one that alternates between aerobics, circuit, aerobics three times a week.

The mix of the circuit will be modulated on the Total Body workout, with slimming and toning exercises such as PHA, dedicated to muscle training for the peripheral action of the heart (Peripheral Heart Action): cardio fitness that stimulates the distant muscle groups of the upper and lower limbs.

Circuit Training - Slimming Gym Card

Forward lunges with dumbbells – 10 reps
A rowing machine with dumbbells – 10 reps
Barbell deadlift – 10 reps
Push-ups – 10 repetitions
Military press – 10 reps
Goblet Squat – 10 reps
Kettlebell Thruster – 10 reps for 4 sets

Recovery between one exercise and another should not be carried out, since working with a constant heart rate allows for a slimming metabolic action.
3 minutes are recovered between sets when the circuit is restarted.

Fast Weight Loss Gym Card

The weekly training program to lose excess fat must be consistent and based on your training skills and physical condition.

The workout in the gym to lose weight will certainly be different for a sedentary who has not set foot among the tools for years, compared to a weight-loss gym card dedicated to those who practice fitness regularly but find it difficult to dispose of the last excess pounds.
The weight loss training program can be based on a weight loss gym card, designed for standard weekly training.


1st day – eg. Monday

Step – 15 minutes
Leg press 3 sets × 10 reps
Leg Extension 3 sets × 10 reps
Straight leg deadlifts – 3 sets × 10 reps
Calves 3 sets × 10 reps
Hyperextension 3 sets × 10 reps
Reverse Crunch 3 sets × 10 reps
Oblique Crunch 3 sets × 10 reps
Treadmill – run 25 minutes

2nd day – eg. Wednesday

Treadmill – run 25 minutes
Burpees 3 sets × 10 reps
Lateral raises 3 sets × 10 reps
Lat Machine Forward 3 sets × 10 reps
Push-ups on the floor 3 sets × 10 reps
A rowing machine with dumbbells 3 sets × 10 reps
Leads – push down 3 sets × 10 reps
French Press Barbell 3 sets × 10 reps
Reverse Crunch 3 sets × 10 reps
Oblique Crunches 3 sets × 10 reps

3rd day – eg. Friday

Step – 15 minutes
Romanian deadlifts 3 series × 10 repetitions
Bulgarian squat 3 sets × 10 reps
Leg Curl 3 sets × 10 reps
Hyperextension 3 sets × 10 reps
Reverse Crunch 3 sets × 10 reps
Oblique Crunches 3 sets × 10 reps
Treadmills 20 minutes

The gym card for slimming can be customized according to the objectives to be achieved even for greater toning during the slimming program.

In The Gym With Weights: Lose Weight Better And Tone Up

Training with weights to lose weight is the best method, because barbells, dumbbells, and machines allow you, as we have seen, to develop lean muscle mass and raise your basal metabolic rate.

Muscles, in fact, consume more calories than fat mass, even when standing still it will be possible to request extra calories from the body, to maintain an organism where muscles are more numerous than adipose accumulations.

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It takes about 4 months of training following a weight loss gym card, to lose excess fat according to the program. In this way, it will be possible to slim down the body and, paradoxically, increase the calories necessary to maintain it.

Working with a rhythm of 3 times a week in the gym on the slimming card, you will have benefits on the body but also on the cardiovascular system and blood pressure, on breathing, and in a preventive function for diabetes and osteoporosis.
The glucose metabolism, in fact, increases by over 20%, and the bones will be denser when subjected to some loads studied in a personalized way, obviously without exaggerating.

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