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how to be a good personal trainer

How You Can Be a Good Personal Trainer

Although making money is essential, you will not be able to make enough money if you do not get your clients the results that they desire. You need to be someone that is trusted within the industry to gain additional clients as well as charge a price that you would like.

You need to have great traits such as being knowledgeable and a great motivator to lift your clients to the highest point possible. In my article, I will be talking about four valuable points so that you can be a fantastic trainer! Let’s go over my article on how to be an excellent personal trainer!

Fix Muscular Imbalances

Before your client can adequately progress through any strength training regimen, you need to pinpoint and correct any muscular imbalances that they may have through stretching and corrective exercise training.

These muscular imbalances have a higher chance of injuring them at some point if they are not appropriately treated. The last thing you want to do is hurt your client. Not only does it prevent them from progressing, but there’s also a good chance they will get worse because they may become more sedentary.

It is vital that they have the proper flexibility and strength to perform the exercises that you want. An excellent example of this would be the squatting exercise. If your client’s hip extensors or hip flexors are too weak or strong this is something you should address before you have them perform squats or build muscle.

You need to make sure that your client’s musculoskeletal system is balanced before throwing heavyweight at them!

Find Out the Best Exercises and Routines For Your Client

Everybody’s body responds differently to various exercise stressors. As a professional fitness coach, once your client is neutral, without any muscular imbalances, it will be time for you to test different exercises and routines to see what fits them best.

I have known individuals that respond exceptionally well from barbell chest press exercises and others who respond better to dumbbell chest press exercises. Like I said above everyone is entirely different, so you need to keep on trying different things to see which ones your clients respond best to.

You need to make sure you ask your clients questions such as: how sore did you get? Did you like the motion of the exercise and were there any discomforts? Make sure you do not build a cookie-cutter workout for every single one of your clients.

If you do this, you will not be recognized as a good personal trainer! Every program should be individualized for optimal results! The gym is intimating so make sure your clients are not distracted by what they see at the gym and help them to be focused.

Yes, it will take some trial and error, but your clients will benefit greatly from this!

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Track Progress Quantitatively For Your Client

This is something that I see lots of trainers overlook, and in the long run, it hurts their client’s motivation. You need to make sure to measure your client’s circumference measurements (waist, hips, and arms, etc.), body fat percentage, and weight at least every four weeks! Sometimes this is difficult because you need to find the time to be able to do these measurements.

These measurements should not take that long to do; you need to squeeze in approximately 5 minutes at the end of the session once a month. The only time you should not measure your client is if they feel too uncomfortable with doing it.

The reason you need to do this is that having your clients see the progress they have made since they started the training program with you. This is the motivation for them to keep working with you as well as stick to their diet and exercise regimen.

If you are working with a client that is of the opposite sex and they do not feel comfortable with you taking the measurements, always ask them if they would like a different trainer(of the same sex) to make the measurements.

Another option is to convince them to take measurements on their own, so they can keep track of their progress.

Give Tips on a Diet

Most personal trainers are not dietitians or registered nutrition experts, but most have a reasonably good idea of how to eat healthy so that they can see optimum results. And although you may not be licensed to give advice, you can still provide general guidelines to your clients.

It may seem silly to tell your client to stop eating junk food and to start eating more fruits and vegetables, that is what the human body needs. In all honesty, they probably already know that they should do that. The difference is hearing it from you.

Have a lot of trust and faith in you as a personal trainer, and by just telling them to do that, maybe that is all the push that they need actually to make that change. Let them know that you are holding them accountable for a healthy diet.

This will put pressure on them to follow through on it, and they will thank you for that. A lot of progress that your client makes is dependent on what they put in their bodies while at home. Try your hardest to make sure that your workouts with them are not getting thrown away the second they get back to their house.

Don’t underestimate the amount of influence you can have over your client’s eating habits just by mentioning tidbits of advice here and there.

You are some form a model to your client so be that personal trainer that practices what they preach. You should eat right as well.

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Become a Diverse Personal Trainer to Handle Any Situation

When you first start working as a personal trainer, you most likely have one general certification under your belt. This is a great start because it allows you to work with the right amount of clients with varying needs and goals.

But to up your game and have more understanding about the best nutrition diet for bones and the appropriate corrective exercises needed to give the best fitness result to your clients.

Getting specialization courses from NCCA accredited organizations will help you have a more grounded knowledge of the latest health and fitness subject of personal training and be a great coach.

Something that you should always be doing in your quest to becoming a great personal trainer is to continue your education within the field of health and fitness. Most certifications require you to get recertified approximately every two years.

There’s no better way to get recertified than by obtaining a second or third certification!

Bring in Professionalism

Firstly, as a personal trainer, appearance matters a lot. If you work in a big box gym, never forget to put on the appropriate attire. Do not appear on jeans and khakis, thinking it is just okay to appear casual.

Great trainers always present themselves well. If the gym you work for doesn’t have a branded shirt buy sportswear from one of the sportswear stores.

And if you are a freelance personal trainer, brand your own T-shirt. Look the path and the clients will know that you are serious about expanding and putting your name out there.

Secondly, a personal fitness trainer doesn’t lean on the wall or appear lost when clients are around. The kind of vibe you give as a good trainer helps the clients to push further. You see, your job is serious because it works with the energy emanating from you.

No matter what you are going through personally, leave it at home!

Thirdly, you need to know when to pull or push your clients, especially when it comes to tough workouts. You should catch up with experienced fitness trainers and watch when they don’t push their clients further.

Rome was not built in a day, it takes time. Your job is to keep your clients on that journey until the fitness goal is achieved.

Praise them when they do well, and encourage them when they are struggling.

Never leave anyone behind!

And lastly, be ethical in your dealings. No matter how attractive a client looks don’t pass the wrong message by flirting around.

Be disciplined!

Always Be Honest and Patient

Besides being good at your job, the way you relate with other people matters a lot. Your relationship with others can help you reach your goals faster.

You need to be conscious of your conversation with your clients, subordinates, or superiors in the work environment.

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Be a good listener and always own up to your mistakes. You are not going to get referrals just because you are good at exercise or with helping clients to reach fitness goals, but also your demeanor is part of your qualities.

No one will hire a trainer that does not have a good reputation in the health and fitness industry and among clients. An easily triggered personal trainer is a red flag for so many people.

Furthermore, you should set a time frame for activities and try as much as possible to meet up so that you don’t continue to cancel training sessions and give flimsy excuses for not showing up.

Time Management

Working certified personal trainers is a busy person; your work is actually 24 hours of the day. If you work with clients online that have a different time zone, you know what this means for you.

A tech-savvy personal trainer will have it easier than a personal trainer that is keeping records manually. A good personal trainer should not sound confused when messaging your clients, by mixing up the names of clients. When you have your records in digital form, you make fewer mistakes and it saves you time.

If a business owner wants to hire a personal trainer for a 1-on-1 coaching session, he or she will only be willing to pay and keep a trainer that understands the concept of time is money. You cannot afford to be all over the place as a freelance personal trainer.

Invest in technologies that will make your work easier!

There are so many repetitive works that need to be automated like sending emails, reminding your clients of due payment, reminding your clients of class sessions, scheduling classes and so many activities that take so much time should be automated. When you do this you will be able to create a good relationship with your clients and focus on working with your clients while scaling your business at the same time.

This is what the best trainers and the smart trainers out there are doing.

This is particularly necessary for personal trainers that are entrepreneurs.

Personal Trainers Should Have Great Communication Skills

Communication is key when dealing with clients.

When you are sending your emails, avoid big grammar; make your messages short and simple.

When you put calls through to your clients for important information, don’t just assume they know it is you.

You should state your name first, the name of your gym studio, and why you are calling. You can even go further by asking if your call is not disturbing their moment.

Have a professional email address and a signature.

Do not allow your strong-looking fit body to affect your tone when you are in a conversation with your client.

Remember you are in business and you want money as much as you want to change their lives, be polite!

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