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How To Do Hammer Curl

How To Do Hammer Curl

The hammer curl exercise is one of the most popular curl variations for bicep muscle training.

Let’s find out how to perform this exercise, which muscles are most active, and all the possible variations.

What Muscles Are Activated During Hammer Curl?

The hammer curl consists of a bending motion of the elbow against gravity.

Unlike the classic variant of dumbbell curls in this variant, the exercise is performed with the forearm in a neutral position, i.e. with the thumb facing upwards.

The most active muscles will be as for the classic curl the brachial biceps and brachial muscle with a greater activation emphasis for a third muscle the brachioradialis.

This muscle originating from the upper and lateral side of the elbow and joining the radius near the wrist is hugely favored during the hammer curl due to the position of the forearm making it a great protagonist of the exercise.

The execution itself is all in all very simple. It can be performed both sitting and standing, and the movement is precisely a flexion of the elbow with the forearm in a neutral position in which the shoulder does not move and the only joint involved is precisely that of the elbow.

Biceps And Hammer Curls

Biceps And Hammer Curls

In addition to the classic execution of the hammer curl just analyzed there is a second variant often observable in the gym namely the one in which the dumbbell is no longer brought in line with the arm, but in front of the trunk.

What changes doing the exercise in this way? Analyzing the changes we can say that the exercise is the same at the level of the elbow as the shoulder moves and maintains an internal rotation during the lifting of the dumbbell, which is thus found in front of the chest.

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From a muscular point of view, therefore, the biceps will not change its activation with this variant because there will be no influence on it by changing the position of the shoulder.

For this reason, use the first or second variant of hammer curl according to your personal taste, bearing in mind that from a practical point of view the latter could guarantee greater stability if you lift higher loads.

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