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How To Get Your First Client As A Personal Trainer

How To Get Your First Client As A Personal Trainer

You want to work as a personal trainer and are wondering where and how to get your first client as a personal trainer?

You can easily put these 5 practical tips into practice!

Tip 1: Word Of Mouth

If you want to successfully start your career as a personal trainer, it is particularly important that many people learn about it.

So tell your family, your friends, your neighbors, and everyone else around you about your project and your offers.

Maybe you can convince some of your friends or neighbors of your offer right from the start so that they will be happy to recommend you as a personal trainer and advertise you in their area.

This friend-to-friend marketing is effective and a marketing channel that should not be underestimated, because recommendations from acquaintances are worth a great deal.

Tip 2: Tried And True And Quite Effective: Business Cards

In order to draw the attention of not only your acquaintances but also strangers in your area to your new offer as a personal trainer, it can be very helpful if you create your own business cards with your key data and offers or have them created.

You can then hand over your cards directly during conversations or display them in gyms or other suitable places, for example.

Tip 3: Talk Directly To People Who Are Interested In Fitness

Tip 4: Show Your Online Presence

Many of your potential customers are on Facebook and Instagram.

So that your future customers can get an idea of ​​you and find out about you and your offers, you should have a well-maintained and reputable presence on Facebook and Instagram.

You are the face of your offer. That’s why you should make a likable, sporty, and motivating impression in your social media presence.

To increase your reach, you can think about placing ads on social networks for your target audience.

Tip 5: Make Yourself Better Known

In order to increase your awareness, you should show a lot of presence and be out and about where your target group moves, for example at relevant trade fairs or conferences.

There you can get in direct contact with new customers or demonstrate your expertise by giving lectures yourself.

Bonus Tips

1. Free Offers

Offer free consulting or personal training hours so that you can convince new customers of you and your offer.

Even if not everyone will book personal training with you directly afterward, you have already established an initial contact and got your foot in the door to be able to address these customers again at a later date.

2. Marketing Campaigns

So you can be sure that you always give your clients the best tips and assistance and increase your market value through modern training design.

Would you like to start a career as a personal trainer?

In the online personal trainer certification, you will learn everything you need.

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