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Online Personal Training As An Alternative To The Gym?

Online Personal Training As An Alternative To The Gym?

How does online personal training work and who is it suitable for?

Home office, video conferences, and zoom meetings are no longer foreign words for us – but does that also work with fitness?

The lockdowns of the past have made us inventive: almost everywhere where possible, online courses were offered and people were able to continue all sorts of hobbies and activities in their own four walls – including sports.

The conventional fitness courses as well as online training have meanwhile successfully established themselves in the programs of some fitness chains and are enjoying very high demand.

There has been a high demand for online programs in many premium fitness clubs: “More than 40% of personal training customers are currently using online personal training – and the trend is rising.

More and more members are also combining the offers in the club and at home in order to be flexible and location-independent and to save a lot of time.”

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Online personal training is a great alternative to working out in a club for anyone who wants to save on the trip to the gym or who wants to stay fit while on vacation or a business trip.

The trainers will help you in a video call to answer all your questions, create training and nutrition plans for you, optimize your technique, and of course always provide the right motivation – a trainer to go!

Is Online Personal Training Suitable For Everyone?

Is Online Personal Training Suitable For Everyone?

Basically yes! If you attach great importance to the quality of your training and want to make rapid progress, personal training is just right for you.

Not only can you benefit from the extensive experience and expertise of your trainer, but you also always have someone who keeps you motivated and motivates you to exercise.

With online personal training, you also save yourself the trip to the studio and can train when and where you want.

However, it is important that you have already tried training in the studio with a trainer before you start with the online version.

No matter what fitness goals you are pursuing – the technology makes it.

So that you know the most important techniques correctly and there are no risks for joints and the like, you should have trained with a trainer on-site.

In-person in the studio, you can of course identify, explain and correct small mistakes much faster and more precisely than in front of the screen.

Online personal training is, therefore, more suitable for people who are already familiar with the basics.

This not only prevents injuries and incorrect stress on joints but also helps you to reach your goals faster.

What Do You Need To Offer Online Personal Training Yourself?

In addition to a stable internet connection and a suitable device, such as a mobile phone, laptop or computer with a webcam, you should of course also have a good trainer qualification.

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In some areas, online personal training is less complex and, above all, more flexible than normal personal training in the studio, but of course, it also opens up new challenges.

Since you can only see the other person on the screen, it is more difficult to spot small mistakes, correct wrong techniques directly, and explain new exercises in a comprehensible way.

Sufficient knowledge, extensive experience, and good social skills are therefore important prerequisites if you want to offer your customers online personal training.

You will learn all this in a training course to become a personal trainer offered by NCSF. Of course, the equipment should also be adapted to the training in your own home.

You can get creative here: water bottles as dumbbells, backpacks as weights, or the couch as a boost for push-ups or lunges – anything is possible!

So let’s go – what are you waiting for?

Online personal training is a great way to stay fit in your own four walls – or wherever you are – while benefiting from the expertise of experienced trainers.

Maximum motivation. Maximum flexibility. Maximum success.

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