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How To Build A Successful Personal Training Business

Building a Successful Personal Training Business

Find Out How To Build A Successful Personal Training Business. The profession of personal training is becoming more and more popular – understandable because there are many reasons that speak for this profession.

The fitness industry is one of the most up-and-coming industries and it’s just fun to work with people and help them achieve their goals. But that has to happen first.

Unfortunately, customers do not fall from the sky and you first have to build up a good customer base before you can make a living from it.

To make it easier for you to start working as a personal trainer here are 5 concrete steps that you can take to gradually build up your own personal training business after completing a personal trainer or fitness trainer certification so that you can earn good money but still, enjoy your job.

1. Start Working As A Personal Trainer

Experience is the most important thing! If you talk to successful trainers or personal trainers they all report one thing: you need practical experience to get better and better!

What Experience Do These Trainers Mean By That?

First, you need your own training experience! Find out what interests you and how you would like to train. Then set goals in that area and achieve them!

This is the only way you will be able to understand the path that your customers will later go through in personal training.

You will try things yourself and see what works and what doesn’t. After that, you can only pass things on to your customers that have really helped you.

In short: apply the principle of “Try & Error” to yourself first, not to your customers!

Another advantage: You come across as authentic in front of your customers if you can not only say:

“I learned that in my training” but also “I learned that in my training, applied it to myself, experienced it and now I’m going to say it for sure that it works”!

The second point about the experience is that you need experience as a trainer. If you can work as a personal trainer right away, great, DO IT!

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But if you don’t know how to start, then start as a surface trainer first, there the entry hurdle is definitely lower.

You can get the experience you need as a PT perfectly in a studio as a surface trainer. Learn which words you should use best for the exercise explanation so that the customer understands it quickly and easily.

Learn how to sell the customer membership or add-on products.

Learn how to approach new people and quickly develop sympathy for them. You will need all of this later if you want to start as a personal trainer.

It’s like everything: Climbing the ladder to success step by step you have to start at the bottom. It is important that you start!

2. Gain Experience And Continue Your Education!

Suppose you have implemented step 1, got certified, and are now working in a studio! If you work 40 hours a week you should still at least train and further educate yourself!

How You Do That?

With Certification and books!

The personal trainer certification, for example, is perfect for this, because there you learn specifically what you need to be able to do as a personal trainer, how you should sell yourself, what the difference is between fitness and personal trainer, which exercises you do should use in personal training, etc.

The advantage: You can already test most of the content as a trainer in the studio and make your first experiences there. However, this step should not take too much time.

Further training is important and good, but action and implementation are just as important, so don’t make the mistake and keep postponing the start of your personal training business “because you don’t have enough training or knowledge yet”!

Take action and implement step 3 after the personal trainer certification!

3. Start Working As A Personal Trainer!

If you work in a studio that also offers personal training right from the start then this is a great start for this step.

You already know the members and they know you, which means that you have built up a good basis of trust with some of them and you may also find it easier to sell personal training sessions to them.

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But even if there is no offer for personal trainers in the current studio, it doesn’t matter. Then you look for studios that offer exactly that and try to give everything they have for the application.

Once the point has come and you are working as a PT in a studio (whether employed or self-employed): Go FULL GAS!

Talk to as many people as possible, get to know as many people as possible, maybe give away vouchers for a first trial lesson and then try to win the customer over.

The main thing is that you are active and generate the first customer. However, you should make sure that the customer’s goal also corresponds to your area of ​​expertise and that he suits you.

Nevertheless: This customer is particularly important because if you achieve the goals you have set with him, word will get around.

For example, if this client loses weight, their friends will ask them, “How did you do that?”… What do you think your client’s response is? Of course, you’re recommended as a personal trainer.

However, you can also use this customer as a success story and draw attention to it on your social media channels, which also attracts one or the other customer.

In any case: Once you have the first customer the ball will start rolling and you will be able to generate more and more customers which leads us to step 4.

4. Binding And Retaining Customers Through Good Work

Now try to bind the customers to you and train with them permanently. This is the only way you can generate a regular income as a personal trainer.

Build sympathy for them, be there for them, listen to them.

If you can’t remember everything: write down details about them and read them over again before the next lesson and then ask the customer about something they may have just casually told you the other day.

How positive do you think he’ll react to that?

5. Set Bigger Goals

For some, reaching step 4 may be enough and it’s what they’ve wanted to do their whole lives. That’s wonderful!

However, if you want something more you can continue with step 5. Set bigger goals and try to achieve them! What can that look like?

  • Become an expert and specialize in a certain field. This allows you to increase the price of your PT lesson in the long term and thus earn more money. Just make sure that there is a target group for the area of ​​your positioning. If you position yourself very pointedly and there are no customers for it, the whole thing has brought you nothing. A possible specialization is, for example in the field of athletic training.
  • Become a self-employed PT and try to be successful outside of the studio. Either you train the customers at home or outdoors, then you no longer have to pay rent in the studio or give something to the studio for every hour
  • Host boot camps or general outdoor group workouts. In this way, you can train several customers at the same time and certainly increase your hourly wage
  • Open your own PT studio and try to build an even bigger client base or hire other personal trainers to help you handle all your clients


The possibilities are open and there are no limits! Be creative in designing your PT business! We hope you got a good idea of ​​what concrete steps you can take to start your own personal training business.

Being insured is important as a personal trainer to shield you when you start to work as a personal trainer. However, the most important thing remains: Take action and start now!

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