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Plank Diet For Weight Loss

Plank Diet For Weight Loss

The plank diet is a dietary strategy to lose weight considered a lightning diet that is one of those dietary protocols that allow you to lose weight rather quickly with the guarantee of maintaining the results achieved over time, even without a gym.

Of course, it immediately becomes a very attractive diet in the eyes of most!

On the other side, it is a rigid diet, which leaves no room for variations, adaptability to the person or which provides more examples of menus, both for the sedentary person who wants to lose weight and for the one who goes to the gym and wants to improve his fitness.

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What Is The Plank Diet?

The Plank diet is one of the many high-protein diets that should guarantee a weight loss of 10 lbs in about two weeks.

Its supporters also attribute to it the guarantee of allowing the maintenance of the physical shape achieved in the following years.

In the USA, it is known as the “Planck diet” as it is attributed to the German physicist Marx Planck, although the Max Planck foundation has completely dissociated itself.

In summary, therefore, this diet was not invented by Planck and at the moment the identity of its creator is unknown.

It is clear that such a diet is somewhat attractive to all people who want to start a diet and who expect immediate results.

But does it really work?

The real question is not if the Plank diet works, but rather if this dietary protocol allows a good physical shape in health and if it guarantees the maintenance of the bodyweight obtained with the first period devoted to weight loss.

How Does the Plank Diet Work?

How Does the Plank Diet Work

The premise is that to lose weight there is no need for any abstruse procedure or miraculous strategy, just establish an energy deficit over time.

Basically, create a situation where energy intake (calories) is less than weekly, monthly energy expenditure (calorie expenditure).

Weekly and monthly because weight loss is evaluated over the medium-long term and not in the short term.

It is for this reason that any professional figure or dietary strategy that promises you high fat loss in no time is, to put it simply, somehow deceiving you.

In fact, a drastic weight reduction is not primarily due to the loss of body fat, but rather to a reduction in fluids. Furthermore, too fast weight loss poses a greater risk of losing muscle mass as well.

The latter is not “only” important from the point of view of metabolic health and aesthetics, but also has some relevance as a predictor of whether or not the weight lost previously will be recovered.

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In fact, the more you manage to preserve muscle mass while losing weight, the easier it is to maintain that weight.

It is no coincidence that many people who experience on their skin the effectiveness of the Plank diet claim that they actually manage to lose weight quite quickly but question the usefulness of this diet because then in a short time they regain the weight loss in a short time.

This happens both for what has been previously illustrated, and because any diet that does not focus on learning new eating habits is a failure in the medium to long term.

Rules Of The Plank Diet

The original Plank diet is a well-defined food strategy, which leaves little room for interpretation – in the table below you will find the official menu.

In general, it allows you to eat only foods that are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.

The main meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which vary in composition every day but always include a protein source and vegetables.

Can I Swap Lunch And Dinner?

The foods to be consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are well specified.

Only on Sunday, it is possible to change lunch and dinner basically, on the seventh day it is allowed to have a free meal.

Free Meal And Sneakiness: What To Eat?

In its restrictiveness, the Plank diet includes one free meal a week, Sunday for dinner.

For this meal there are no indications of any kind, you can eat whatever you prefer, both in terms of quantity and choice of foods.

Contraindications Of The Plank Diet

Contraindications Of The Plank Diet

To evaluate a dietary regimen a series of considerations must be made.

It is essential that a diet is able to meet the needs of macronutrients and micronutrients of those who follow it.

In the case of carbohydrates, there is little to criticize because the body is capable of producing glucose from other nutrients, including amino acids. Although, a low or no carbohydrate diet is certainly not balanced.

Different speech regarding micronutrients and other compounds have been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Think, for example, of the absurd ban on consuming fiber and vegetables the former are essential for maintaining good health of the microbiota, while the latter contains vitamins, micronutrients, and other compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antineoplastic action.

The Plank diet is not good to follow for all those who have kidney or liver diseases due to the high protein intake.

Also, those suffering from inflammatory diseases, because it mainly promotes the consumption of animal fats and proteins and above all does not allow the introduction of plant compounds that could instead improve the situation.

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It’s not a good idea to follow this diet in pregnancy and for children by virtue of the fact that it is certainly not a balanced dietary strategy and that it guarantees the satisfaction of all needs (especially micronutrients).

This diet is obviously not good to follow in those suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol because the foods allowed in the Plank diet can be rich in saturated fat and cholesterol, and certainly can lead to worsening the situation especially if not under medical observation.

Taking into consideration what has just been stated, it must be said that the Plank diet does not hurt at all and is not dangerous the risk of creating damage is proportional to the duration of its application.

The reason why it is not to be followed for months or years, so as not to create damage, and it is not a balanced diet and therefore to be recommended.

How Often Can It Be Done?

The Plank diet does not hurt in absolute terms and is not dangerous when carried out for short periods of time and certainly not in terms of months or years.

This is because the risk of creating damage is proportional to the duration of its application the longer it lasts the more the risk increases as it is not a balanced diet to be recommended.

How Soon Will You See The Results?

The Plank diet allows a great initial weight loss, ranging from 6 to 10 lbs in the first two weeks based on the subject’s adherence to the rigidity of the food strategy.

However, it is important to remember that the weight loss that occurs is not due to a significant loss of fat and is certainly not the expression of a balanced and healthy weight loss for which more time and gradualness are needed.

What Foods Can I Eat On The Plank Diet?

The Plank diet as already seen is a high-protein diet and also with a rigid diet it prefers protein foods, low in lipids and carbohydrates and these are well specified.

Only in the case of fruit, it is not specified which one to consume so it is free to choose. The only flexible rule is eggs, which can be cooked however you like, but without oil.

Example Of A 7 Day Plank Diet

Two hard-boiled eggs and spinach
A great grilled steak, salad and celery
Bitter black coffee and a sandwich
A steak, salad, fruit
Baked ham
Bitter black coffee and a sandwich
Two hard-boiled eggs, salad and tomatoes
Cooked ham and salad
Black coffee and a sandwich
One egg, raw or boiled carrots, Swiss cheese
Fruit to taste and a yogurt
Bitter coffee, lemon and carrots
Steamed fish and tomatoes
A steak with a salad
Sandwich and a black coffee
Grilled chicken
2 hard-boiled eggs, carrots
Tea with lemon juice
A grilled steak, any type of fruit
Anything you want
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Plank Diet And Maintenance

The Plank diet does not include any maintenance diet, i.e. any dietary protocol that allows you to maintain the weight previously achieved in the long term.

This is also the reason why many people are not happy with such a diet even if they actually experience satisfactory weight loss in the first two weeks of the diet, they tend to regain the lost weight over time.

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Plank Diet, Gym, And Bodybuilding

If you are looking for better physical fitness, which you get through training and nutrition, the Plank diet is not suitable.

Usually, those looking for a better body composition want to reduce the percentage of fat mass a process that takes a long time and certainly not two weeks like this food strategy.

Along with the decrease in body fat, trying not to lose and at least maintain muscle mass is fundamental another aspect that the Plank diet, especially if prolonged for time, could put at risk.

High protein intake, in fact, is not a guarantee of muscle maintenance, even if in low-calorie periods having proteins in a greater quantity helps to minimize this risk.

Plank Diet And Cellulite

Like all diets, even the Plank is not enough to eliminate cellulite. Already the slogan “lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks” seems to promise a lot, if it had been “lose 10 lbs and cellulite forever in 2 weeks” it would have been far too much.

Cellulite, which mainly affects women is due to several factors (genetics, lifestyle, exercise) and is therefore not an exclusive consequence of nutrition even if it is certainly a factor that helps to fight it when the other factors also work synergistically to reduce it.

Particularly, in this case, changing your eating habits for two weeks following the Plank diet cannot remove cellulite, which has accumulated over months and years.

Conclusion On Plank Diet

The Plank Diet is a so-called lightning diet, which almost completely eliminates carbohydrates and vegetable fats.

Many people use it to lose weight quickly and it is actually a food strategy that delivers what it promises.

The main problem is that this “weight loss” will last only for a few days or weeks, after which you will regain all the weight lost previously and you will return to the starting point, if not worse.

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