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3 Tips To Help Your Customers Achieve Their Goals

3 Tips To Help Your Customers Achieve Their Goals

3 Tips To Help Your Customers Achieve Their Goals. Your customer has a goal and wants to achieve it with your help.

If for some reason, he can only do this very slowly or not at all, he will be dissatisfied.

The following 3 tips will help you as a trainer to permanently motivate your customers so that they can achieve their goals with your support.

1. Know The "Whys" Of Your Customers

Your client comes to you because they want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply live a healthy life.

But everyone has their own story as to why they want to achieve this goal. The real reason is usually much, much deeper.

You are much more than “just” a fitness trainer or nutrition coach. You are a friend, a psychologist, a person of trust.

Being able to crystallize your client’s “why” will help you both establish a clear goal. The willpower to achieve this goal is now much stronger and more emotional.

“I would like to lose a few pounds ”… OR “I would like to finally be fit and healthy again so that I can go through life with confidence. “, “I want to be a role model for my children and be able to romp around with them instead of just panting and watching.”

A great “why” from a customer. Remind her of this in weaker times and she will continue to pursue her goal with passion.

A good time to find out the true intentions of your customers is during the medical history interview.

Beyond recording health status and superficial goals, you can get to know each other better during the conversation.

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With the right questions and a little sensitivity, you can get to the true “why” of your customers.

2. With Small Steps To The Goal

When we start something new, a fire blazes within us. This drives us and we want to change the whole world.

Your customer is willing to train 5 times a week and wants to avoid unhealthy food altogether.

But we humans do not like doing without and feel attracted by forbidden things. With Eva it was at least an apple, with us it’s the Happy Meal.

Your client doesn’t need to rush anything because they have the rest of their life to live a healthy lifestyle.

The pounds don’t drop overnight and muscles don’t come overnight.

Your client needs to be patient and work towards their goals with constant ambition.

The initial ambition is of course great and triggers the whole thing. But if we take on too much right away, we are quickly exhausted.

Setting small goals is the best motivation. Every time one of these is achieved, you get an unbeatably good feeling.

3. Establish A Routine

At work, do you keep thinking about skipping your teeth brushing today?

Certainly not… you might be too lazy beforehand, but just do it and you’ll feel better afterward.

For example, if your customer wants to exercise regularly, he should just do it. Don’t think, DO! Finds fixed appointments that fit into his individual everyday life.

At some point, these appointments will be part of his everyday life and maybe he will be the one who motivates others.

You will learn even more techniques for keeping your customers happy and motivating them in the personal trainer certification.

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