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Total Body Functional Training Card for Intermediate Level

Total Body Functional Training Card for Intermediate Level

If your goal is to lose weight and tone muscles, in this article you can discover a Total Body functional training plan for intermediate levels, which will help you exercise the muscles of the whole body, even integrating small tools. What we offer you is a complete card, which you can take as a reference for your workout both in the gym and at home.

What is functional training?

If you are at an intermediate level, surely you are already quite familiar with this type of training, also known as functional training, and with its exercises.

You will also know what its prerequisites are and that this workout is very popular, increasingly popular in gyms but also by those who prefer home fitness because it mainly requires the use of the body and a few other tools.

In fact, the main feature of the functional workout is precisely that of engaging all the muscles, and not the individual muscle groups, through a complete workout that involves strength, endurance, speed, mobility, and coordination.

Functional exercises are performed with movements that use kinetic chains involving different joints (from an anatomical point of view, kinetic chains refer to all joints, to the muscles of the limb, and to the portion of the vertebral column to which they connect).

Another feature of the functional workout is to improve the quality of movements, limiting the typical mistakes we make in our daily routines.

What are the benefits of functional training?

This type of training is based on basic motor principles and natural movements, stimulating and improving coordination and stability, working all the muscles of the body, legs, arms, thighs, and buttocks, with tractions, squats, and bends, with free body or with the help of small tools such as fit balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, rubber bands, steps, clubs, jump ropes, pull-up bars.

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One of its merits is that it works as an excellent fat burner; among the results that can be appreciated after a period of functional Total Body training, these are the most important:

  • improvement of endurance
  • improvement of tone
  • increase muscle strength
  • increased cardio-circulatory and respiratory power
  • joint mobility
  • muscle control
  • reduction of body fat/weight control
  • strengthening of the core (muscles of the abdominal girdle and hip muscles).

The development of greater stability to the core level and coordination are central elements for practicing strength training and cardio in a correct and effective way, avoiding injuries.

Who is the functional total body suitable for?

Anyone can do this type of training, even if the functional Total Body is very popular among women who want to lose weight especially in areas that tend to gain weight, such as buttocks and legs.

Men also appreciate this type of training, for its characteristic ability to stimulate the deep muscles and strengthen the muscles of the trunk and pelvis.

The Total Body Functional Training Card

We start training with a general warm-up and continue with strength training and metabolic training, which also include the use of some tools.

General heating

Joint mobility


  • Scissor Cross 10
  • Frog Routine 10

Core activation

Tabata 4 ‘

  • Superman
  • Elbow Plank
  • * 20 “on – 10” off x 8 rounds
  • 3x 10dx + 10sx Pallof Press with Loop Band
  • 3x 10 Crawling walk

Work out

Resistant Force


  • 10 Kettlebell Shoulder Press
  • 6 Chin-up

Metabolic Training


  • 5 X 20 Walking lunges with dumbbells overhead

Cooling down

  • 5 ‘ of moderate Assault Bike
  • 10 ‘ Generic Stretching.

Tips for Proper Functional Training

It is important to respect some precautions for correct functional training:

  • This type of training can also be performed for several consecutive days, thanks to its variability.
  • Change the exercises and movements to activate more muscles.
  • Do the exercises correctly (pay attention to movements and technique, take the time to learn each exercise well, and get the maximum benefit from it).


Thanks to Total Body functional training you can reach your goals, that is to strengthen the body, keep it healthy and lean, improve movement and balance, posture and flexibility.

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