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Training With The Skipping Rope

Training With The Skipping Rope

Training with the skipping rope is becoming more and more popular because it is very effective!

We have loved jumping rope since we were kids. But anyone who only associates little girls with this sport is wrong.

Skipping or Jumping rope training is not only an integral part of boxers and CrossFit but is also popular in the gym because training with a skipping rope makes you fit!

Jumping rope workouts will make you sweat and burn a ton of calories.

Endurance is trained, coordination and motor skills are promoted and the sense of rhythm is trained.

Both calves, thighs, and arms are used. Skipping rope training is therefore a full-body workout.

This makes it very clear that jumping rope is healthy!

Who Is Jumping Rope Training Suitable For?

Both beginners and advanced users benefit from skipping rope training.

Anyone who wants to train their endurance and keep fit will benefit from jump rope workouts.

However, people who are very overweight should be careful, because the jumps put a strain on the joints.

How To Start

In addition to a skipping rope of the right length, all you need is a little space and a suitable surface.

Jumping on asphalt puts a strain on the joints, so a floor that gives a little is suitable.

The right shoes with cushioning also protect the joints and offer stability.

The correct measure is taken by standing in the middle of the rope and ending it under the armpits.

Jump Rope Exercises

Once the basic technique is in place, further techniques can be added. Some examples of more variety are:

1: The one-legged hop, keeping one leg slightly bent in the air.

2: Cross your arms just before the jump, uncross them again as soon as the rope is over your head.

3: Running in place by changing the take-off foot per jump. Small lunges are also possible.

4: Double under are two punches during one jump. To do this, the rope must be accelerated and the jump increased slightly.

5: Experienced jumpers can try triple under, i.e. three hits in one jump.

Jump Rope Workout

Jump rope training can be incorporated into a training routine in many ways.

Whether for warming up before strength training, like endurance training or in a workout in connection with other exercises.

Remember that before jumping rope, you should first do some mobility exercises to prepare your joints for the stress. Dynamic stretching is also very good for this.

Unlike jogging or cycling, 30 minutes of continuous jump rope is not only a bit boring, but it’s also very challenging.

Interval training is ideal for endurance training. For example, jump rope for one minute, followed by a one-minute break.

Repeat this a few times. You can also vary the different jumping techniques.

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