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If you go into any gym and ask about fitness certifications, there’s a good chance they’ll mention ACE certification. There are over 90,000 certified ACE trainers and their popularity is growing every day.

The ACE CPT program is an excellent choice for new trainers. I ranked it as top #3 on my list of the best personal trainer certifications.

ACE certification combines broad foundational knowledge with the help of the IFT model. This teaches you to create effective programs for almost any client. It’s also widely accepted, due to the NCCA-accreditation, and includes excellent learning materials.

One of the things I like about ACE is that even the basic study package provides access to one-to-one feedback. The learning materials also come in a variety of formats, including text, video, and live Q&As, which can be helpful for retaining important information.

Additionally, ACE provides a wide range of future certifications and specializations. Aside from its additional NCCA-accredited certifications, there are also valuable specializations that allow you to improve your skills and provide services to a wider client base.

Most importantly, ACE trainers are highly employable. If you’re looking for a great all-around certification to kick-start your career, you can’t go far wrong with ACE.