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Best Darts in 2023 - Beginner to Pro - Buyer's Guide

⭐️ Darts have become a very popular sport in recent years. In fact, playing darts has become much more than just a pastime at your local pub, throwing a few darts with friends over a few pints. The World Championships – held at Alexandra Palace in London – ensure high rating year after year and delight fans around the world in front of the television.

So it’s no wonder that more and more darts fans are playing darts in their own homes. The interest in and demand for the right darts accessories are correspondingly high – from the dartboards to the right darts. That’s why we present the best darts in our guide. You can find out which darts are the best in the following darts test and comparison in 2023.


Red Dragon Amberjack Darts


Red Dragon Pegasus Darts Set


Target Darts 975



Viper Shot King Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard


Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards


Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard with Lighting System

Darts - Pub Sport Or Serious Competitive Sport?

Those of you who have watched TV a lot in the last few weeks and are also sporty will have stumbled across this: The Dart World Cup, which is now held once a year in London. What was ridiculed by most as a pub sport at the beginning has actually blossomed into a popular sport and sporting event that is compatible with the masses? Darts on TV are enjoying increasing ratings. And that’s no longer just the case for men, but also for women who are taking part in the World Cup for the first time.

But where does this sport come from? What can that mean? Is it really exhausting? Can I also play this when I’m not having a beer in a bar and/or pub with my friends in the evening? Questions upon questions that many of you may be asking.

The History of Darts

As with many very popular sports, we owe darts to the mother country of almost every popular sport – England or Great Britain. Although this cannot be clearly proven, records from the 19th-century support this assumption. Darts is actually older than a few decades and has been played for much longer than one or the other might have thought. However, the name is not English, but – particularly spicy for the English – of French origin.

More precisely, the small but fine arrows can be located in military history. The French preferred small spear-like darts in battles. This weapon was also known to the English. Those of you who have an affinity for history and know, for example, Henry VIII: He too had a set of darts back in the 16th century, a present from his second, soon-to-be headless wife Anne Boleyn. According to other researchers, the small projectiles are even older at 2,400 years. But enough of the history lesson.

After all, you would like to find out which darts you can use not only to impress friends over a beer but perhaps also alone at home. Playing darts has a meditative effect, so throwing a few darts is a good way to switch off, relax and focus after a hard day. Doing this sport only works with the right dartboard.


Red Dragon Amberjack Darts
RED DRAGON Pegasus Tungsten Steeltip Darts Set
Target Darts 975 - Best Of The Best!
RED DRAGON Javelin Tungsten Darts Set
Phil Taylor Power 9-Five 7
Professional Soft Tip Darts - Phil Taylor Power 8-Zero
Grebarley Steel Tip Darts for Different Grip Types
Cyeelife 15 Packs Soft Tip Darts Set

1- Red Dragon Amberjack Darts ( OUR TOP CHOICE )

Our recommendation in the dart comparison comes again from the Red Dragon brand. The Amberjack darts even have a tungsten content of 90%. Many professionals offer their darts with the same tungsten content for double the price.

Therefore, with the Red Dragon Amberjack, you get darts again at a very fair price. The Amberjack is my top choice and I use them every day.

The stable trajectory and the general design of the steel darts are convincing. As with each of the darts presented here, you have a large selection of weights. You can choose from 21 g, 22 g, … up to 30 g. They are also available as soft darts for the electronic dartboard.



2- RED DRAGON Javelin Tungsten Darts Set

The Red Dragon Javelin offers unbeatable value for money. They consist of 85% tungsten. This is unique in this price range. Accordingly, I also got them. The darts have a continuous grip, which is perfect for beginners to literally feel their way to their personally preferred grip position. The slim design allows the darts to be thrown close together, thus increasing the probability of hitting three triple fields.

Only the quality of the dart shafts and sometimes also the dart flights is perceived as negative by the customers. In my opinion, Red Dragon has created a perfect compromise here. They deliver an excellent barrel in professional quality at an unbeatable price and make small compromises in the quality of the flights and shafts, which each player adapts individually anyway.

In summary, if you are a beginner you have to get an extra set of flights and barrels anyway to test the perfect dart for you. If, on the other hand, you are already advanced and know your preferred setup, you already have the flights and shafts at home. But no matter what level you are at, the darts comparison shows you get an excellently processed dart with 85% tungsten, which is unique for this price.



3- RED DRAGON Pegasus Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

According to the manufacturer, Red Dragon darts are specially tailored to the needs of top players. Here you should be calm and happy to be a professional because the British manufacturer claims to have made a good choice with these darts. The darts not only have a very modern grip style – which means that they should lie very well in the hand – but also with the classic, parallel shape typical of Red Dragon.

Like other darts, these darts are knurled and grooved to give you, the player, a complete dart experience. Very well balanced, Red Dragon wants to ensure the following things:

  • A high level of accuracy
  • Arrows that feel good in your hand
  • Flights that ensure a stable flight



4- Phil Taylor Power 9-Five 7

Of course, the darts of the 16-time world champion Phil Taylor should not be missing from the best darts. He is considered the most successful darts player of all time.

In particular, with his partner Target, Phil Taylor brought some models onto the market. The darts comparison presented here is the Power 9-Five 7 Gen. These darts are made of 95% tungsten.

He himself uses the darts and recommends them. The sandblasted back of the barrel ensures a good grip and impeccable workmanship. With the proven Swiss Point technology, the flights and tips can be adjusted in a flash.

Of course, the relatively thick barrel of darts that is typical for him and his preferred weight of 26 grams is immediately noticeable. But don’t worry, these darts are also available in 22 g or 24 g.

What better proof darts work than 16-time world champion Phil Taylor playing and recommending them?



5- Professional Soft Tip Darts - Phil Taylor Power 8-Zero

Also for electronic dartboards, these are the darts of the professionals to buy, who normally play with steel darts. The darts of the 16x world champion Phil Taylor should be emphasized here. More precisely the Power 8-Zero version.

This variant of his soft darts is comparatively cheap. Nevertheless, the customer opinions are almost all positive. The soft darts are made of 80% tungsten and weigh 18g. The manufacture of the barrel is remarkable. It is handcrafted on a Japanese CNC lathe.

The elaborate processing is reflected in the balanced balance and a great grip. In-flight, the darts are stable in the air. If you are looking for darts for electronic dartboards from professionals, you will make an excellent choice with these darts from the best player of all time.



6- Target Darts 975 - The Best Of The Best!

You might think that the most successful player of all time also has the best steel darts, but that’s not the case. Although they also come from Phil Taylor’s partner Target, they have an incredible 97.5% tungsten content. We’re talking about the Target Darts 975.

In addition to the unique tungsten content, the darts convince in dart tests with a great grip and outstanding flight characteristics. The Swiss Point technology is also used again, which enables parts to be exchanged in just a few seconds.

The overall package is rounded off with a noble box in which the darts, spare parts, tools, and a bag for storing the arrows are located.

So if you are looking for the best of the best, the Target Darts 975 is a perfect choice.



7- Cyeelife 15 Packs Soft Tip Darts Set

It’s always annoying when the darts break for seemingly incomprehensible reasons. The CyeeLife brand counteracts this with an innovative concept.

The shafts and flights are one piece and pliable to prevent breakage. To prevent the tips from wearing out, 100 replacement tips are included in the scope of delivery.

In darts for electronic dartboard tests, the CyeeLife set is ideal for children thanks to its high stability. Even beginners will have fun with it.



8- Grebarley Steel Tip Darts for Different Grip Types

Grebarley darts are steel darts. The shafts are made of aluminum and, according to the manufacturer, are slim and light. They should ensure a very good balance and have an O-ring. According to the manufacturer, this prevents the loosening of the thread. The barrel is provided with a cylindrical design and a grippy texture according to the manufacturer.

Grebarley steel darts have deeper grooves at the back and ribbing at the front. This should enable a stable trajectory and good grip. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the arrows are suitable for different handle types. It is possible to hold the arrow at the front or the back of the barrel and thus adapt it to your own needs or throwing style. The Grebarley set comes with twelve barrels. This includes six 22 gram barrels and six 20 gram barrels. The scope of delivery also includes:

  • Twelve 48mm aluminum shafts
  • Six 41mm aluminum shafts
  • 20 O-Rings
  • 21 flights

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Darts

Clearly – a game of darts will only work if you have the right darts. But what exactly is the right dart for you? What types of darts are there and how are they constructed? These are just a few questions that beginners in particular ask themselves when it comes to starting to play darts. In this guide, we explain what types of darts there are and what you should look out for when buying one!

The Dart Weight

The maximum weight for steel darts is 50 grams. The darts can only be a maximum of 30.5 cm long. However, only a few darts of this weight and length are offered because they are hardly bought.

Professional players usually play with a dart weight of 20 to 24 g. Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson rely on darts weighing 23 g. Although exceptions are possible, Phil Taylor, the most successful player of all time, swore by heavier darts of 26 grams.

Soft darts have a much lower weight, as the electronics of the electronic dartboards would otherwise be damaged. Around 18 grams are common for soft darts.

The Grip Of The Darts

The Grip Of The Darts

Especially as a beginner, it is best to rely on a continuous grip and then look for a place where you can grab the dart again and again. This will give you consistency in your throw. This applies to both steel and soft darts.

The grip is of course also enormously dependent on the barrel shape. Torpedo-shaped barrels, for example, usually have a better grip, but are also thicker, which of course also reduces the hitting area.

The Material

When talking about the material of a dart, most people are talking about the barrel. Barrels made of tungsten or better known as tungsten are of particularly high quality.

Tungsten is a very heavy metal that allows the steel darts to have a slim design. A slim design is important so that arrows can be placed close together on the board.

Brass is also commonly used to make dart barrels. However, brass is significantly lighter than tungsten, so brass barrels are generally larger. Very cheap darts are made of nickel and other metals

However, these materials are not very durable. In particular, the threads for screwing in the tip or shaft don’t last very long. We, therefore, recommend darts with barrels made of tungsten or at least brass.

The Tip Of The Dart - Steel Darts vs Soft Darts

There are two different types of darts: the steel dart, i.e. an arrow with a metal or steel tip, and the soft dart, which is required for electronic dartboards or a dart machine. This means that you must first decide which dartboard you prefer – electronic or a steel dartboard.

The Soft Tip Darts

We will first introduce you to the soft dart or the dart arrow with a soft tip. As mentioned at the beginning, this is used for e-dartboards, as they have a more sensitive surface than a classic dartboard and can be damaged with a steel tip. With soft darts, the tips, also called points, are made of plastic and/or PVC.

Plastic points are available in different lengths. Here you should be guided by factors that are important to you when playing darts. In general, a distinction is made between short and long tips. And the diameter also plays a crucial role in darting:

  1. The longer the tip, the more stable the arrow’s trajectory
  2. Soft darts may be a maximum of 16.8 centimeters long and weigh 18 grams
  3. A distinction is made between the 2BA thread/6 millimeter and the 8-millimeter thread
  4. The thicker the barrel and tip, the fewer arrows can get stuck next to each other

Plastic arrows have another key difference from their steel “relatives”: they tend to break off more quickly. The reason: The impact on the dartboard exerts pressure that bends the tips after frequent use. So if you decide to get an electric dartboard, you need to consider replacing the dart tips regularly.

The Steel Tip Darts

The name already gives it away: The steel dart is a dart with a steel or metal tip. In some cases this is made of brass, in other cases, it is made of tungsten. This is tungsten, which most of you still know from conventional light bulbs. More specifically, tungsten is an alloy made up of tungsten and nickel. This material is preferred by many manufacturers for the production of high-quality barrels and thus darts.

Like the plastic version, the steel tips for your new darts are available in different lengths and weights. With most steel darts, this point is built into the barrel, the actual body of the dart. But there are also steel tips with a rotary thread, the so-called conversion point. This has the advantage for you that you can change the tip quickly and easily.

All properties and advantages of a steel dart summarized for you:

  1. The tungsten/nickel-wolfram alloy enables optimal balancing of the arrow.
  2. This tungsten-nickel alloy means that narrower barrels are also possible.
  3. Heavier darts are also suitable for beginners because they are more stable in your hand.
  4. Due to the material composition, the tips of steel darts do not break off as quickly.
  5. Heavier darts also mean that flight speed and accuracy are optimized.

Pros & Cons Of Metal Tip Darts



The Barrel Of The Darts

The so-called barrel is the second part of a dart. The arrow is held by the thrower at the barrel. In addition, the barrel largely determines the weight of the dart.

Dart barrels come in a wide variety of lengths and shapes. The three most popular are the cylinder, teardrop, and torpedo shapes.

The cylindrical shape is considered the narrowest variant and enables a narrow hit pattern. On the other hand, there is the teardrop shape, which provides better grip and higher weight, but increases the hit pattern.

The golden mean offers the torpedo shape.

The Shaft Of The Darts

The shaft or dart shaft connects to the rear end of the barrel. The shaft is screwed into the barrel and connects the barrel to the last part of the dart, the so-called flight.

Depending on the price range, darts are made of nylon, aluminum, carbon, or simply cheap plastic.

The longer the shaft, the more the dart’s center of gravity is shifted backward. This ensures a stable trajectory of the darts.

A long shaft also has the advantage that the dart hangs down slightly if it gets stuck in the board. This allows subsequent arrows to be placed closer together.

A long shaft is recommended because of the more stable trajectory of the dart, especially for beginner darts.

The Flight Of The Darts

The end of a dart backward is the so-called flight. A dart flight corresponds to the tail of an airplane.

The flight serves to stabilize the trajectory. They are made from thin PET, polyester, or nylon foils.

In general, dart flights are very sensitive and wear out quickly. They, therefore, have to be replaced regularly. A broken flight does not mean it is a bad dart.

When buying steel darts, make sure that the flight is made of nylon, the most stable material for this component.

The Dartboard


Playing darts does not work without the right dartboard. You can decide whether you want to use a sisal dartboard like the pros or an electronic dartboard. Both variants have their advantages and certain properties. And which one you ultimately choose depends on which dartboard you feel most comfortable with. In the following, we will introduce you to the classic and the electronic dartboard in more detail.

The "Classic" Dartboard - How Is It Structured And What Are Its Advantages?

As with any purchase in the field of darts, quality pays off. Therefore, when buying your dartboard, be sure to pay attention to high-quality manufacturers and brands and the material they use.

A cheap dartboard consists only of paper and cork and does not lend itself to a professional darts approach.

Professional dartboards used in major tournaments are made from sisal agave fibers, i.e. they are made from plant fibers.

These fibers can absorb the impacts of the arrows, which can sometimes be very violent, better than paper and cork. Some very high-quality dartboards are partly made of wood as a base.

How Big Is A Dartboard And Are There Any Rules?

What defines a professional dartboard is not entirely clear. The fact is – and this is undisputed – that certain measurements and dimensions must be observed in any case. The proportions are fixed down to the last millimeter.

The exception is the diameter, which should be around 45 centimeters. The size of the black border at the top of the dartboard can be freely selected. The height of the pane – excluding this black area – must be precisely 34 centimeters.

The Electric Dartboard Or The E-Dartboard

Dartboards are no longer only available in the “analog” version, which can be operated and played on purely manually. The electric variant, also known as an e-dartboard, does not differ in appearance and size from the classic dartboard. However, as the name suggests, it is electrically powered. An electric dartboard indicates the following, among other things:

  • Scores appear on backlit LCD or LED displays.
  • There are different types of darts that are stored in the dartboard’s memory.
  • There are different melodies and sounds as well as commentators like in a tournament.

If you decide to buy an electronic dartboard, you must also ensure that you hang the board near a socket when installing it on the wall, in addition to the height and distance from the throwing line. After all, this disc needs enough power for every game.

Tips For Playing Darts At Home

Darts is a sport that is growing in popularity and gaining recognition as a serious sport. What once started as a leisure activity – mainly in bars and pubs – has advanced to become a true media event. So it’s no wonder that it’s becoming more and more interesting to play darts within your own home and to arm yourself with the right equipment.

This usually starts with the right dartboard and here you as a player are already spoiled for choice. Classic or electric? Unicorn or Carromco? These questions then go on with the right darts. If you have decided on an e-board, you need arrows with a plastic tip. If the choice fell on the sisal variant, it can dart with a steel tip.

The selection is huge and our guide has only scratched the steel or soft tip of the darts iceberg. It is up to you which equipment is ultimately the right one for you, with which you feel comfortable, and can book the most hits for yourself. Our tip: You are welcome to go to a professional darts dealer. There you have the opportunity to test arrows and boards.

This is how you can quickly and playfully find out where your darts journey should go. Our conclusion: darts are far from just pub sport. On the contrary – it is one of many sporting opportunities to focus, concentrate, switch off and challenge yourself. Not to mention the socializing aspect – darts are a great way to get back together with good friends!

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