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Liss Training - How Effective Endurance Training With Low Intensity Is

Liss Training – How Effective Endurance Training With Low Intensity Is?

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness usually finds out about effective training programs and various forms of endurance training. The two practices HIIT and LISS training are particularly popular. But which of the two types of training is better for you?

Basics of LISS Training

Training units based on the LISS principle are particularly gentle. Nevertheless, they promise rapid progress. LISS stands for “Low-Intensity Steady State”. It’s about cardio training sessions that are carried out at low intensity. Sports enthusiasts can have a conversation during LISS training without losing their breath.

“HIIT” is an abbreviation for the term “High-Intensity Interval Training”. Intensive short-load phases alternate with rest breaks. HIIT training aims to achieve maximum heart rate. The pure HIIT training sessions last a maximum of 20 minutes. Only 60-80 percent of the heart’s output is required for LISS training. Training takes place several times a week. The duration of each training session should be 40-60 minutes.

In general, LISS training is considered gentler. It’s not just focused on burning fat.

Is LISS Training As Effective As HIIT?

Some dismiss LISS training sessions as ineffective. It just takes longer for exercisers to break a sweat. The investment of time is higher with LISS and lower with HIIT training. Many fitness fans see advantages in combining both types of training. Because the oxygen uptake during LISS cardio training is higher due to the low level of stress and intensity. This is good for burning fat.

The ideal would be to do an intense HIIT or weight training session one day and then do a LISS workout two days later. In this way, musculature could benefit as well as endurance. Heart and figure are equally trained with this combination.

What Are The Advantages Of LISS Training?

In fact, the LISS training offers various advantages:

  • it improves oxygen uptake
  • it places less strain on the organism
  • the regeneration time is significantly shorter
  • the motivation to do sports increases
  • Reduced risk of injury thanks to moderate training
  • the long duration of exercise burns more calories.

LISS training is less about building muscle. Rather, everything revolves around improved oxygen uptake. LISS training strengthens the heart muscles in a gentle way. The heartbeat slows down, but it is stronger. This also lowers blood pressure. LISS training is therefore an ideal preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases.

While an intensive HIIT workout pushes the limits, LISS training is easy on the body. The low training intensity avoids overtraining. With intensive HIIT training, the body often hurts for several days afterward. However, when the exerciser doesn’t have to exert as much effort, they need less time to recover. And he doesn’t hurt himself that easily. Short regeneration times mean that the next training session cannot be completed after three or four days. Sports enthusiasts can therefore easily complete several LISS training sessions per week.

The long duration of training also promotes the release of endorphins. At the same time, it reduces stress hormones. The subsequent feeling of well-being also increases motivation. Conclusion: LISS training is fun. And the cardio fitness program is not stressful.

The high-calorie consumption is due to the longer training duration. The Liss training can easily be done three or four times a week. The metabolism is activated and fat burning is boosted. Superfluous love handles increasingly disappear during LISS training.

For Who Is Liss Training Suitable?

Of all the types of training, some people who don’t like sports can best imagine the leisurely LISS training. Therefore, this type of training is ideal for beginners who do not want to overload the body right away. LISS is also particularly gentle on the heart, muscles, and joints. Since it is gentle cardio training, LISS training is also ideal for reducing excess weight. Because LISS training burns a lot of calories and effectively boosts the metabolism.

Many people like the low training intensity. Since you only have to make a moderate effort, you can easily have a conversation while exercising. If you need a boost in motivation, you can take your best friend or sister with you to the training session. In good company, athletic training often doesn’t feel like training at all. Time flies quickly and you can easily achieve the desired effect.

What Does The Science Say About HIIT Or LISS Training?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most interesting fitness trends of recent times. Studies have already shown that HIIT training is very effective. Short and intensive training intervals are typical. A short load duration of at least 30 to a maximum of 300 seconds is often observed. The intensity of the load in HIIT training is 90 to 100 percent endurance performance. Then there is a rest break.

Science sees a noticeable improvement in performance in this training method, which is aimed at building muscle, even after a short training period. However, experts have also recognized that HIIT training alone does not give the organism the best possible training. According to modern knowledge, the organism needs changing training stimuli in order to show an adaptation reaction. Therefore, experts recommend supplementing basic endurance training with HIIT training units. LISS training would be ideal for this.

LISS training is almost the opposite of intensive HIIT training. LISS training is not about expanding the muscular load limits under painful conditions. Rather, as cardio training, LISS deliberately moves in the training area that does not reach the maximum heart rate. Those who train with the LISS method only reach 60 to 80 percent of their maximum heart rate. LISS training is moderate, but it last longer.

What Is More Effective Now?

Interestingly, the training effects are still comparable. Naturally, it takes longer to achieve the desired effects. Training units should be scheduled for around 40 to 60 minutes. However, the actual time spent is comparable to HIIT training, which doesn’t count the warm-up, recovery, and cool-down breaks. Scientists see the advantage of LISS training in the lower stress on muscles and joints. The pain threshold is never reached. The regeneration phase can thus be reached more quickly.

Most importantly, weight loss is more likely with LISS training. While fitness fans may feel exhausted after a HIIT workout, that won’t be the case with LISS training. Therefore, those who don’t like sports are more motivated to put the next training session on the weekly plan soon. Even people who have stopped training for a longer period of time because of a strain are well served when they return to LISS training.

By the way, those who have developed more endurance during physical exertion with LISS training also have advantages in strength training. You can complete the moderate training units on the ergometer, the yoga mat, or the treadmill, on a rowing machine, while walking, swimming, or on the bike. The alternation between several training devices or between LISS and HIIT training units has an additional positive effect.

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