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Slow Carb Diet - Lose Weight Fast With Slow Carbohydrates

Slow Carb Diet – Lose Weight Fast With Slow Carbohydrates

You are probably familiar with low carb and maybe you have already tried one or the other low carb diet. Low carb is also a great thing. Due to the strong reduction in carbohydrates, however, this can become somewhat difficult in the long run. With a low-carb diet, you may also always have the feeling that you are not really and permanently full. Even if you’ve lost a lot of weight on your low-carb diet, once you get back to a regular diet, the yo-yo effect can kick in.

There must be another way. An American author racked his brains and developed a new weight loss program based on the low-carb diet. Under the title “How to lose 10 lbs in 30 days without exercising”, he presented his newly developed slow carb diet.

Timothy Ferriss, the American author, may actually have discovered the new silver bullet against obesity. Here you can find out exactly what the slow carb diet is all about and how it works. Maybe this diet is ideal for you too. One thing is for sure, this diet definitely promises more enjoyment than many others.

What is the Slow Carb Diet?

As the name suggests, the slow carb diet is based on a low carb diet. However, this is not strictly enforced. In the slow carb diet, not all carbohydrates are generally deleted. Even if foods with a low glycemic index are on the menu, certain carbohydrates are also allowed.

Above all, these are high-quality, so-called slow carbohydrates. These slow carbohydrates are called slow carbs. Slow carbs are primarily indigestible fiber. These have the property that they can bind a lot of water in the digestive tract. This in turn has the advantage that this leads to a long-lasting feeling of satiety. This is especially important for a diet. Most diet failures are caused by a permanent feeling of hunger.

In addition, these slow carbs do not significantly affect blood sugar levels. This has a positive effect in that the calories consumed are not stored as fat reserves in the body.

The organism switches to fat metabolism. The required energy is now obtained from your own existing fat reserves and depots. The fat pads thus begin to melt. At the same time, your body does not have a drop in performance, since enough energy can be gained in the fat deposits.

What Are The Rules For The Slow Carb Diet?

Of course, there are also guidelines for the slow carb diet that you have to follow. Unfortunately, without paying attention to nutrition, it is not possible to achieve the desired figure while sleeping. However, as you will see, these rules are very easy to follow. This is a diet program that is relatively easy to follow.

Tim Ferriss, the inventor of the slow carb diet, set out 5 rules for this. These must be observed. However, he promises that apart from these 5 rules, nothing else needs to be observed and the kilos will still fall.

1. Pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, and cereals must be avoided during the slow carb diet. These belong on the list of prohibited foods. Whole grain products are also not ideal for the slow carb diet.

2. Repeat your meals. The slow-carb diet is not really varied. Tim Ferris recommends building meals from around 4 different dishes. Here, a meal consists of legumes, vegetables, and low-fat protein. You can use these ingredients to put together your own meals. You eat so much of it until you are full. You don’t have to count annoying calories or weigh any ingredients. What is really important, however, is the repetition of the 4 same meals. Many other very successful diets are also based on this principle and it seems that there is actually meaning behind this method.

3. You must not drink calories while on the slow carb diet. Non-caloric drinks are allowed. Water and unsweetened tea are of course at the top of the list here. Coffee without milk and sugar is also allowed. Tim Ferriss advises always flavoring the coffee with a good amount of cinnamon. This should also stimulate fat metabolism. Lemonades, fruit juices, alcohol, milk, and plant-based drinks are taboo on this diet. You can only allow yourself a glass of red wine every now and then in the evening. Red wine should have no effect on fat loss here. But that doesn’t mean you have to drink red wine.

4. Perhaps the most difficult part of this diet is the ban on fruit. Fruit is absolutely not allowed on the slow carb diet. This is due to the high content of fructose, which does not conform to the diet plan. However, you can eat a small number of tomatoes and some avocado on a daily basis.

5. The cheat day once a week must also be observed. This means that on this day you throw all the rules overboard. You eat what you feel like eating and don’t pay attention to quantities or carbohydrates. This cheat day ensures that your metabolism does not slow down. That’s what usually happens when you’re on a diet. As a result, the metabolism slows down, losing weight becomes more and more difficult and in the end, the yo-yo effect also strikes. With the Cheat Day, however, you avoid that. In addition, the diet does not get boring and it is easier to stick to the remaining 6 days consistently.

What Foods Are Important On The Slow Carb Diet?

Above all, the slow carb diet consists of a mix of low-fat proteins and vegetables. Proteins from legumes should be consumed primarily. The slow-carb diet is therefore ideal for vegetarians, and vegans, but also for meat-eaters.

Eggs, seafood, poultry, and beef are the sources of lean protein for meat-eaters.

Vegetarians and vegans get their protein from legumes and soy products. In addition to tofu, chickpeas, lentils, and beans in all colors and sizes should be used here.

With low-calorie vegetables, you can also draw from the full. Zucchini, broccoli, spinach, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, asparagus, peas, lettuce, and cauliflower top the list. You can also treat yourself to a small portion of tomatoes every day.

For drinking, there is water, mineral water, tea, and coffee without sugar and milk and calorie-free lemonades.

To prepare your meals, use high-quality vegetable oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, or sunflower oil.

You can also use the entire range of salads. Of course, salads with bitter substances are best. Chicory and radicchio are at the top of the list here. But lettuce, iceberg lettuce, rocket, and wild herbs are also perfect.

The Slow Carb Diet - Conclusion

According to Tim Ferriss, it is possible to lose 20 pounds in 30 days on a slow-carb diet. If you want to lose more weight, you have to follow the diet longer. However, it is also important that you do not immediately fall back into old patterns. In the future, too, you should be more economical with sugar and the forbidden carbohydrates.

Cheat Day, which should be done once a week during the Slow Carb Diet, may make it easier for you to stick to the remaining 6 days of the diet.

The diet is also not one-sided and if you eat enough vegetables and healthy proteins, there can hardly be a deficiency even during this diet.

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