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Personalized Training And Apple Watch

Personalized Training And Apple Watch

The choice of a smartwatch and possible applications for those who practice various types of sports

Over time, training with cutting-edge tools is becoming an increasingly affordable option for everyone. Thanks to software that can be worn on the wrist or smart shoes, the future promises to be a harbinger of interesting news for those who want to keep track of data at the end of the run or always have a coach with them who can motivate and correct incorrect posture. Apparently, Apple is also moving in this direction, studying specific programs and apps for smart training.

Portable Personal Trainer

Portable Personal Trainer

Among the numerous patents registered by the Cupertino brand is one that focuses on the issue of personalized training. In fact, several studies appear related to the benefits that a monitored sports session manages to have not only in terms of results but also as a support to continuity. It has been found that practicing activities on a treadmill, a new elliptical, or a stationary bike, has the advantage of being able to monitor progress and progress in real-time. In fact, in all three supports, there is a display designed to monitor the progress, with precise and specific information related to the kilometers traveled or the calories burned.

These are therefore aspects that in some way motivate the user to do better, without losing sight of some information and parameters that give the measure of commitment and dedication. The problem we are trying to remedy concerns on the one hand the absence of someone who addresses and advises in the right way, following the user and adjusting the shot where possible. Doing so reduces the possibility of incurring injuries or of carrying out an activity in the wrong position of the body to the point of compromising its effectiveness.

On the other hand, on the other hand, there is a circle that closes once the activity to which you are dedicating is finished, be it a run on a treadmill or a ride on an exercise bike. Apple’s goal is to collect information on the type of sporting activity that is taking place, thus creating a personalized profile that takes into account the average number of users and the results of certain sporting practices.

By doing this, you can create training routines, inserted in an app, that support and motivate the user during a run or session with the elliptical.

Continuity And New Supports

From the patents filed, it can be seen that the company has thought of the Apple Watch or an iPhone as recipients of this new sporting revolution. The reason for this is easily understood. On the one hand, the Apple watch is configured as a comfortable and easily manageable choice. Through the screen, it is possible to view the data on the kilometers traveled, and monitor the heartbeat and the frequency, so as to manage the training, alternating more intense moments with cool-down phases.

The management through the iPhone is also similar, with which it is possible to connect the chest strap and keep fundamental parameters under control without losing sight of the final goal set for that training day. Creating continuity and a dimension in which personal challenge and physical activity coexist.

This is the goal that Apple, like so many other brands, is trying to bring to the sport. Thanks to the creation of a community of athletes it will be possible to create events and real challenges between the participants, encouraging everyone to give their best during training.

apple watch

For those who prefer to train only the question becomes that of keeping concentration high, then following the voice advice and suggestions proposed by personalized instructors directly via Apple Watch.

Mind you, Apple does not want to cancel the pleasure of running or training with other people, it is beyond doubt, however, that in recent years, many users are returning to a more personalized vision and management of training and sport in general, given that sometimes time is running out and the finances to devote to a gym membership are diverted elsewhere.

Thus, having an intuitive and easy-to-use software can bring those who need an extra boost back to the track, while reading data and performance information improve the way to approach sport over time, in a mix that sees the fun to accompany also the achievement of certain objectives.

The patent dates back to 2018 but has recently been published in Europe, intriguing those who expect interesting news on the front of sports and supports related to fitness and well-being.

The technology available is present, we will see if Apple will be able to say it’s again in a sector in which the competition of big sports brands and dedicated companies have created solid foundations and very interesting apps from the point of view of interactivity.

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