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Sirtfood Diet – This Is How Losing Weight With The Slim Gene Works

Thanks to the Sirtfood diet, you should be able to lose weight permanently and then keep it off without feeling hungry. Sounds tempting.

On Adele's Diet Trail

Hardly any other customer success in the past year has impressed us as much as Adele’s. The singer has happily thinned herself optically by two-thirds, which she owes mainly to the sirt food diet plus workout, as she openly admitted in several interviews.

But not only the charismatic British singer swears by the principle of this revolutionary form of nutrition. Numerous other celebrities and influencers report on the new miracle cure on their channels. Thanks to the Sirtfood diet, you should be able to lose weight permanently and then keep it off without feeling hungry. Sounds tempting.

What Is The Sirtfood Diet?

The idea behind the Sirtfood diet is based on the sirtuins that are active in everybody. These are the so-called Sir2-like proteins, which are the building blocks of every living organism. From a biochemical point of view, these are enzymes that have several important tasks in our body. Among other things, they are responsible for reducing oxidative stress, protecting our heart from free radicals, and play an important role in the body’s regulation of insulin balance. This last important function also has an immediate impact on fat burning.

However, sirtuins are not passive, invisible helpers. With a few simple tricks and the right foods, they can be activated and even fed into the body in the form of food.

Activating Sirtuins - Nothing Easier Than That!

If you want to get your body’s sirtuin balance going, the fastest and most effective way to do this is through fasting. It is enough to lower the usual calorie intake to give the sirtuins the marching orders.

However, you can achieve even better results by sticking to the basic rules of the well-known intermittent fasting. The basic principle is very simple: the body is deprived of any form of food for 16 hours, including liquids in the form of shakes or smoothies. You can eat again for the next eight hours.

However, this diet not only boosts your enzyme balance and lets the sirtuins work at full speed. When fasting, the body automatically does something like a spring cleaning in its cells. The process of “autophagy” comes into effect. Accumulated cell waste that no longer serves our body is reliably disposed of.

Sirtuins On The Menu: That's How It Works!

The valuable enzymes in the fight against excess kilos cannot only be specifically activated by fasting. We can also integrate them specifically into our daily diet. Some foods are particularly helpful and promising.

When it comes to vegetables, celeryarugulagreen leafy vegetablesred onionskale, and broccoli score particularly well. When it comes to fruit, berries and dates should end up on your plate. But nutsbuckwheat, and dark chocolate (hooray!) are also part of a sirt food diet. Drinks include coffee and green tea as well as red wine.

That sounds fantastic! So what’s the catch? Of course, there’s a catch: you have to stick to a reasonably strict plan that limits not only food but calorie intake as well. The sober truth doesn’t look quite as tasty anymore.

Sirtfood Diet − The (Strict) Plan Is The Secret

It would have been too good to be true. Four weeks of dark chocolate, nuts, and red wine and the bikini figure from three years ago is completely restored. A little broccoli in between for a clear conscience and summer can come!

Unfortunately no: The sirt food diet ultimately only works if you bring the two most important diet ingredients into the overall equation: discipline and iron will. Basically, weight loss occurs in three phases.

Phase 1 lasts three days, during which the maximum calorie intake cannot exceed 1000. In addition to the main meal rich in sirtuin, there are green smoothies strictly according to the recipe and nothing else.

Phase 2 lasts four days, during which 1500 calories per day can be eaten. On these days too, sirtuin-rich food is preferred, this time in the form of two main meals and two smoothies.

Phase 3 begins afterward and can be continued until the desired weight is reached. Some diet gurus stick to the 1500 calorie limit, while others recommend 1800 calories per day.

The progressive proponents of the Sirt food diet only emphasize the importance of sirtuin-rich foods for phase 3, without any further restriction on calorie intake. However, if you are a bit experienced in dieting, you can use the calorie information from phases 1 and 2 to calculate why this principle will definitely work.

Of course, we don’t want to withhold the recipe for the green smoothie from you:

[wprm-recipe id=”8433″]

Sirt Food Diet - As Good (Or Bad) As Any Other?

Nutritionists are always inherently skeptical when new diet hype appears on the horizon. Most fad diets are expensive but empty promises that drain the bank balance of their followers, but not their bucks. The more complicated and less practical a promising weight loss formula is, the lower the chances of success. But the health risks that a long-term change in diet can entail also ring the alarm bells among nutritionists and experienced diet coaches.

As far as the composition of the food is concerned, the Sirt food diet can certainly boast a number of plus points. In addition to the superfoods already mentioned, lean, white meatfish and seafood can also be found on the menu. It is a well-known fact that lots of vegetables never do any harm anyway, and the good fats should not be missing either. Nuts and olive oil ensure that we don’t miss out on the good when hunting for the bad fat.

The principle of three meals a day is also consistently welcomed. After all, it is now well known that the body can burn fat better if there is a break of at least four hours between meals. The green smoothies certainly take some getting used to, especially in the morning. In addition, numerous studies now show in black and white that a protein-rich breakfast or one based on oatmeal fills you up for the longest time and therefore does not cause you to feel hungry in the first place.

Who Is The Sirtfood Diet Suitable For?

Assuming discipline and a little willingness to experiment when cooking, the sirt food diet is certainly suitable for all people for whom vegetables are at the top of their favorite food hit list.

Singles have a clear starting advantage here. If you are only “allowed” to have a green smoothie for breakfast, you won’t be able to hold out for long at the sight of happy people who can eat bread with nut nougat cream to their heart’s content.

You should also spare a little joy in cooking. The recipes are mostly easy to moderately difficult to follow, but you need a lot of (new) ingredients and spices that have to be found and bought first. The kitchen also needs to be cleaned again afterward – at least three times a day. Anyone who has smoothie experience knows what we mean by that.

Good – Better – Sirt Food?

Compared to less balanced diets, the Sirtfood diet performs relatively well, even when viewed critically. The principle promises rapid weight gain simply because of the lean calorie balance. In the first few days and weeks, however, it is mainly water and not fat that is excreted from the body. When it comes to the Sirtfood Diet, the main rule is: don’t cheat and always stay on the ball!

As far as the composition of the recipes is concerned, the Sirtfood diet ranks safely in the upper third of the recommended dietary changes to say goodbye to a few rolls of love handles in the medium to long term. However, numerous studies also show that weight loss is ultimately a simple arithmetic task in which it is not what is on the menu that counts, but only how much.

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