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What Your Cravings Say About You

What Your Cravings Say About You?

What Your Cravings Say About You? You probably know this: Although you had something delicious for lunch and are actually full, you suddenly have a violent craving for chocolate. Or you try to watch your figure and eat consciously, and you still get cravings for pizza, chips, and similar unhealthy foods. Often it is hardly possible to resist these food cravings and direct your thoughts to something else.

These bouts aren’t a cause for guilt, however, because they don’t mean you’re weak-willed or unreasonable. Rather, they are a sign that your body is lacking certain nutrients that are contained in the respective food. We tell you what cravings your body responds to the various nutrient deficiencies and what healthy alternatives you can eat when you get cravings.

1. Cravings For Sweets

1. Cravings For Sweets

The craving for sweets of all kinds is certainly the most common and insidious form of cravings. She likes to show up at the most inopportune moments when you’re particularly stressed or it’s been a while since your last meal. The temptation is then great to satisfy this craving with gummy bears, biscuits, or a portion of ice cream and thus increase the daily calorie count almost unnoticed.

Most of the time, however, the craving for sweets is not an indication that your body is really lacking in energy. Long breaks between meals and an unfavorable choice of food can only lead to an imbalance in the blood sugar level. It can also be a sign that you are lacking in minerals such as magnesium or chromium. Instead of sweet calorie bombs, however, fresh fruit also satisfies this need. A glass of freshly squeezed juice can also counteract the urge for sweets, as this can also be triggered by a simple lack of fluids.

2. Cravings For Chocolate

If you don’t want to snack on something sweet in general, but you can’t resist chocolate in particular, you also have a lack of important nutrients. In addition to a larger amount of magnesium, cocoa also contains selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. The craving can often be satisfied simply by switching to high-quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. 

If you still get a craving for chocolate, you can also nibble on nuts for a change. Although these are also quite high in calories, they contain many healthy fatty acids and trace elements. You should also take the opportunity to listen to yourself because the desire for chocolate can also be a sign of an emotional need. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to something else.

3. Carbohydrate Cravings

If you’re suddenly craving crunchy pizza, a steaming bowl of spaghetti, or fresh white bread, it could be a sign that you’re hypoglycaemic. Such simple carbohydrates cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly and thus provide an energy boost. 

However, it also falls off just as quickly afterward, so that the next ravenous appetite attacks you shortly afterward. It would therefore be better if you use whole grain products and make sure you eat enough fiber. If you still get a little hungry in between, fruits like apples and bananas will keep you full for a long time.

4. Salty Cravings

Another classic craving is chips and salted nuts, which many people can’t be without on a TV night. Craving for these salty munchies often indicates a very obvious deficiency in the salt they contain, which while harmful in large amounts is definitely needed by your body.

With a few tasty olives, you can also cover your salt needs in a healthy way. In addition, the desire for salty things can also be an indication of everyday stress. In this case, foods rich in vitamin B provide a more stable nervous system. Healthy snacks that you can use to quell cravings at the next movie night include, in addition to various types of vegetables, nuts, and pumpkin seeds in particular.

5. Greasy Cravings

Behind the craving, for fatty foods, there is a not so obvious deficiency, because it usually occurs even though you seem to be eating enough fat. Unfortunately, these are often not the right fats, so you are missing valuable fatty acids. Try to avoid highly processed foods as much as possible, as they usually contain low-quality fat and also contain too much cholesterol. Healthier fats are found in salmon and other fish, for example, but also in nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

6. Cravings For Cheese

6. Cravings For Cheese

The craving for cheese and other dairy products is one of the safer ones, as these are not unhealthy even in large quantities. Since dairy products contain a lot of phosphorus and calcium, which are needed for building bones, a corresponding craving can be a clear sign of a corresponding deficiency. But if you pay attention to your figure and therefore prefer not to reach for a high-calorie Gouda or Camembert, broccoli would be a light alternative for you. Green vegetables also contain a lot of calcium and other important minerals.

7. Cravings For Meat

7. Cravings For Meat

Even if you’ve been vegetarian for a long time, you may suddenly feel a craving for a juicy steak or a hot hamburger. This red meat craving occurs when your body is severely iron deficient, regardless of your diet. Iron is essential for blood formation and thus contributes to a good supply of oxygen to your body. You don’t have to eat meat to stay fit and efficient. You can also supply your body with iron with legumes and whole grains. And if you also drink a glass of orange juice, you not only help your body to use the iron optimally, but you also treat it to an additional vitamin C boost.

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