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Wide Grip Push Ups

Wide Grip Push Ups

The wide grip push-ups. The push-up is the epitome of strength and fitness exercise. No wonder, since push-ups can be done easily at any time without additional equipment. In addition, push-ups not only train your chest but also your arms, shoulders, back, and torso.

But just because you can do push-ups without additional equipment doesn’t mean that there might not be better options. And this is where the push-up grips come into play. But what are the advantages of push-up bars, what different models are there, and what exercises are possible with them?

Clear Advantages Of Push-Up Bars

Push-up grips are not just a nice training accessory that spices up your home gym or provides motivation. Rather, push-up bars offer you a number of advantages that you no longer want to do without after a few training sessions.

The most important thing is that the push-ups are not only more varied but also more effective. For example, you can lower your upper body lower than would be possible with the floor duct.

This gives you an intensive training stimulus, especially in the chest area, which is prevented by the floor in the classic version. On the other hand, different grip variants put a different strain on the arms and shoulders in particular. If you alternate here in a targeted manner, you will also make faster progress than would be possible without the handles.

Furthermore, push-up grips allow you to train safely. For one thing, you never run the risk of slipping your hands on a slippery floor. Anyone who has ever forced the last push-ups after a sweaty workout and is afraid of slipping on the slippery floor and breaking their nose knows what is meant.

On the other hand, you also avoid overloading your wrists with the handles. The classic push-up position may be extremely healthy for much of your body. It definitely isn’t for your wrists. Rather, they are severely overstretched with every push-up, which can lead to symptoms of overload in the long run. 

In the worst case, you can even seriously injure yourself through regular training without handles and have to take longer breaks. Push-up bars minimize this risk by ensuring your hands are always in an ergonomic, straight-line position. This also feels more comfortable for the athlete, so that you can fully concentrate on the workout.

Finally, push-up bars keep your hands clean during your workout. You may not care if you’re the type who takes a shower after an intense 60-minute workout anyway. Anyone who integrates push-ups into their everyday life and, for example, quickly inserts 20 repetitions before dinner, is happy about their hands that stay clean.

Models Of Push-up Bars

If you decide to use push-up bars, you will be spoiled for choice. There are basically three variants that differ in price and training effect.

Classic firm grips are recommended for beginners. These are light, cheap, stable, and give you security during training.

On the other hand, there are movable push-up handles that allow the handles to rotate. On the one hand, this supports your natural hand position during the exercise. On the other hand, you can make your performance even more varied and challenging, which is especially beneficial for professionals.

Finally, there are models that do not lie firmly on the floor but are similar to a balance board. Here, each repetition is not only physical exertion but also a balancing act. Your deep and back muscles will be particularly happy about this, which will be even more involved in the workout.

Exercises With Push-Up Bars

1. The classic push-up

Exercises With Push-Up Bars

With the classic push-up, the implementation does not differ from the variant without a training device. After you have decided whether you want to grip the handles with an overhand or side grip, place the handles a little over shoulder width and lower yourself towards the floor with a straight upper body. 

It is up to you whether you lower yourself until your elbows reach a right angle or whether you go even further towards the ground. The latter can help advanced users, in particular, to get even more out of each repetition.

2. The tight push-up

With tight push-ups, you place the push-up handles directly next to each other. The side grip, in which you align the training equipment parallel, is particularly suitable. In this variant, the triceps are particularly challenged. So if you are looking for strong muscular upper arms, this is the exercise for you.

3. Reverse grip push-ups

3. Reverse grip push-ups

In principle, the reverse grip push-up corresponds to the classic version. It differs only in that you do not grip the bars with the overhand grip, but with the underhand grip. As a result, your triceps become more involved and other parts of the pecs get stimulated. In addition, the reverse grip push-up is a good example of an exercise that you can only do without a grip with pain and risk of injury.

4. The wide push-up

As the name suggests, you place the grips about twice the width of your shoulders apart. The side grip is particularly suitable for this. The push-ups are almost similar to the butterfly strength exercise, for which you actually need a large multi-gym. 

Thanks to the push-up grips, you not only save yourself a heavy machine, but you also benefit from a similarly effective training effect in the area of ​​the large pectoral muscle.

5. Other variants

In addition to these classic push-up options, you can also go further with the training grips and perform exercises that differ more from push-ups and are still similarly effective. On the one hand, the L-Sit, which is an isometric and static strength exercise, should be mentioned here. 

To do this, place the push-up handles parallel and shoulder-width apart and support yourself on them, with your legs stretched forward. You then remain in this type of sitting position in order to strengthen your core in particular.

On the other hand, stable push-up grips also allow you to do handstands, but it is best for beginners to practice without the grips on the wall first. Advanced users not only protect their wrists by adding the push-up grips but can also practice handstands, which are more like parallel bars than floor exercises.

Push-up grips are therefore the ideal training device for anyone who wants to train easily, yet safely and efficiently. In addition, due to their small size and low weight, they can also be taken with you on business trips or your next vacation without any problems. So if you’re bored of the classic push-up, push-up grips might add a new twist to your workout routine.

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