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Rowing Machine Workout Plan For Beginners

Rowing Machine Workout Plan For Beginners

Rowing machine workout plan for beginners. Rowing is one of the most effective movements when you want to build muscle and burn calories. Rowing is becoming more and more popular. Of course, this sport does not have to take place on the water. You can also train at home with a rowing machine and benefit from the positive effects.

While other home trainers such as the treadmill or bicycle ergometer have long been filling the basements and sports rooms of fitness enthusiasts, the rowing machine is becoming more and more popular. However, in order not to injure yourself when training with the rowing machine and to work as effectively as possible, you will find all the important information about training with the rowing machine here.

The Advantages Of Training With The Rowing Machine

Rowing is a sport that is very enduring, but at the same time requires a lot of strength. For this reason, you strengthen your cardiovascular system and promote muscle growth. This not only strengthens the muscles in the arms and back but also in the stomach and legs. However, most of the force is shifted to the pectoral muscle.

Another advantage of rowing is that this sport is extremely easy on the joints. You don’t have a hard impact, movements that are too fast, or other vibrations that strain the joints. Thus, training with a rowing machine is also ideal for overweight people or injured people.

Rowing also has a beneficial effect on existing pain or prophylaxis. The enormous strength training strengthens the back muscles in such a way that back pain is almost a thing of the past. Of course, you can also train your back muscles on other training equipment, such as B. when deadlifting with a barbell. The disadvantage, however, is that there is a high risk of injury, which is not the case with the rowing machine.

By building your back and abdominal muscles, your posture will also improve. As a result, you radiate more self-confidence and you are free from postural damage and the resulting pain.

It is also possible to lose weight with the rowing machine. Rowing can burn almost 800 calories an hour. Combined with the right diet, the fat will just melt away.

Another advantage of the rowing machine is, of course, that you can also train outside of the season. If you love kayaking or canoeing in the summer, you’ll have a hard time doing it in the winter unless you have a really thick wetsuit. With the rowing machine, you can quickly do a few strokes before the Christmas roast and always feel fit. So you are optimally prepared for the new season and do not need a few attempts until you are back on your level.

This Is How You Train Properly – The Right Technique On The Rowing Machine

In general, there is not much to go wrong with a rowing machine. Nevertheless, you should practice and consolidate the sequence of movements.

The starting position is as follows: you place your feet on the platforms provided for this purpose and strap them on. In your hands, you hold the pole, which is attached to the device with a rope. In the starting position, this rope is slack. This means that you sit on the device with your legs bent and your upper body slightly bent forward. 

Now it can start! At first, you only push yourself back with your legs and then bend your upper body backward as well. Only at the end do you pull your arms towards you. If you then want to return to the starting position, you do this process in reverse. So first the arms, then the upper body, and finally the legs.

If you are a beginner in the rowing industry, you should initially do about 20 rowing movements per minute. Later you can then increase your speed and increase the number.

To reach your goals and make progress, you should start by exercising three times a week for at least 15 minutes.

Also, watch your rhythm. Perform each movement evenly and at a steady pace. It can also be helpful at the beginning if you get advice first. A trainer can correct your mistakes in posture and execution, and you can then train effectively.

It Is Important To Avoid These Mistakes

First of all, it is important that you follow the correct order in the movement sequence. This is the only way you can train effectively and correctly. You also have to make sure you have the right posture. Always keep your back straight and tense your muscles. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that you round your back and thus put unnecessary strain on it.

If you are a beginner rower, you should also pay attention to the right weight. It’s better to take a little less strength at the beginning and improve from time to time.

When doing this, you should make sure that you pull your shoulders down and keep your elbows close to your body. Raised shoulders cause cramps, which can cause unpleasant pain. Abducted elbows put too much weight on the elbow joints and can cause damage.

It is also important to ensure that the movements are even and that you do not pull too fast.

Another rookie mistake is that athletes tend to overestimate themselves. Rowing isn’t about doing sets as fast as possible, it’s about performing them perfectly to strengthen each muscle group. First of all, take it slow and pay attention to the correct execution.

What many athletes also underestimate is the correct warm-up. The body must first be activated before you can start rowing at full power.

cool-down phase is also important. You can easily integrate these into the rowing machine. Towards the end of your workout, slow down and focus more on regulating your breath again. It is best to take three to five minutes to do this. In this way, you ensure that your body can optimally adjust to the relaxation phase and that the muscles relax again.

Rowing Machine At Home – You Need To Know This

Rowing machines are no longer only available in well-equipped gyms, but can also be bought for private use. If you also want to buy a rowing machine, you should expect a purchase price of around $200 to $1,500. It always depends on which functions the device should have and what type of rowing machine it is. In general, a distinction is made between 4 different types:

  • Air resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Hydraulic resistance

Air Resistance Rowing Machine

A wind wheel is operated in the device itself by pulling the cable. This mimics that you are on the water paddling against the current. The air turbulence forms the resistance and ensures that you have to use your strength. The faster and harder you pull, the harder it gets and the greater the resistance you generate.

Water Resistance Rowing Machines

A rowing machine with water resistance best imitates the real feeling of the water. There is a water tank in the device. By pulling on the rope, a paddle is set in motion and thus creates resistance.

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machines

The rowing machine with magnetic brake function is slightly more expensive than the other two models. However, it is more durable. Here, the moving wheel is braked with electromagnets by the pull on the cable and thus resistance is generated. You can easily set the right strength for you since most rowing machines with magnetic resistance have a small wheel on the side.

Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machines

A rowing machine with a hydraulic cylinder is the cheapest option. Therefore ideal for rowing beginners who want to try out the sport first. With this variant, a counter-pressure is always generated during the forward and backward movement, which ultimately represents your resistance. Here, too, there is the possibility to set the level of difficulty and adapt it to your ability and strength.

However, before you commit to one variant and decide, you should first test it. If you have decided to buy a rowing machine, make sure that you have enough space for the bulky machine. Once the device is at home, it’s all about the right setting. Make sure that the device is optimally adjusted to your weight and height. If all the settings are right, nothing stands in the way of optimal training with your new sports equipment!

You Train These Muscle Groups When Rowing

Rowing is usually associated only with training the arms. After all, you’re just sitting there and flexing your arms to move forward. But that’s not quite the case. In addition to the upper arm muscles (biceps and triceps), you also train the shoulder muscles and especially the chest muscles.

However, the most important thing is that you train and strengthen your back and abdominal muscles while rowing. This is particularly important to ensure an upright posture and thus prevent postural damage.

In addition to the muscles of the upper body, you also train the lower muscle groups! By pushing off on the device, you build up muscles in your buttocks and thighs. As you can see, training with the rowing machine is a true full-body workout and versatile, as up to 85% of the muscles in the entire body are trained!

Who Is Training On The Rowing Machine Suitable For?

In general, training on the rowing machine is suitable for everyone and for all age groups. However, before the training is started, it is important to consult a doctor beforehand. This is particularly important for people who have health problems. 

Basically, training with the rowing machine is not recommended if shoulder problems are predominant, as the shoulder is under a lot of strain. However, if there are no health problems, everyone can train and internalize the movement sequence. Basically, rowing is an ideal supplement to normal training and can be easily integrated into the training plan.

Training With The Rowing Machine – Our Conclusion

There are countless cardio machines that can be found not only in gyms but increasingly in the homes and apartments of many sports enthusiasts. However, the rowing machine has the most advantages of the variety of devices. In addition to strengthening 85% of the body muscles and training endurance, rowing on the rowing machine is easy on the joints and almost harmless.

However, it is important to ensure that it is executed correctly. Only with the right technique can you benefit from the advantages of rowing and ensure an optimal training effect. Therefore, it is better to start with a lighter intensity and a slow execution. Above all, posture is particularly important and should not be neglected.

In the beginning, it helps if you have a trainer who can correct your mistakes. If you want to buy a rowing machine for your home, then you are spoiled for choice between four different types of equipment. Also, make sure you have enough space in your home. You should also take enough time to set up your own device correctly.

If you consider all factors, nothing stands in the way of successful rowing training. So, have fun trying it out and sweating it out!

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